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Serverless NoSQL Database

Efficiencies and Cost Savings from DataStax Astra DB on Google Cloud Platform

Today’s data-driven enterprises are launching new business-critical applications at an incredible pace.

Increasingly, these applications must meet the market’s demand for a smart “next best action” at the point when a user would find it most helpful. The only way enterprises can leverage data as a strategic asset, however, is to integrate data reliably and efficiently into business applications across the entire organization.

From an engineering and operations perspective, building and deploying the data infrastructure necessary for modern software is becoming a challenge. That’s why a streamlined distributed database solution deployable to serverless environments is the way forward for many organizations.

In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss the need for a modern NoSQL database solution like Apache Cassandra, and how DataStax Astra DB can streamline database deployment and management on Google Cloud Platform. We’ll also cover why serverless Cassandra is a game changer because of the many benefits it provides to organizations.

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