We're Not Your Grandfather's Database

Your database is the heart of every application and makes or breaks the success of each modern business system you have. Join other market leaders who use DataStax as their modern operational database to succeed and outpace their competition.


Indestructible. Literally.

Built on the #1 scalable NoSQL database, Apache Cassandra™, DataStax’s unique architecture makes it impervious to database downtime, which keeps your systems up and your doors always open for business.


Any cloud. Any data center. Anywhere in the world.

DataStax gives you the ultimate in database deployment flexibility and freedom. It delivers cloud on your terms with the option of maximizing your existing infrastructure investment to put your database wherever you need it.


Turbocharged modern application development

A truly scalable, distributed, secure, and never-down database that looks like an RDBMS but is so much more. Visual development and management tools and an SQL-like language makes developing powerful database applications fast and easy.

Ready For Your Top Initiatives

Every enterprise is challenged with one or more of the projects below. DataStax can help you evolve your database strategy in each to ensure you’re using modern database technology to tackle today’s application requirements.

Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Let’s be honest - database in the cloud is either part of your very near term future or you’re already building database-driven cloud applications. Why not choose a database built from the ground up to exploit all the benefits of the cloud and delivers cloud database functionality on your terms and budget?   

  • Only database platform in the market with a true masterless architecture that supports running across all clouds and on-premise with no special administration or development needed. 
  • With functionality like advanced security, integrated analytics, search, multi-model capabilities (including graph!) there’s no need to cobble together lots of different and expensive services that you need from cloud providers. 
  • Not experienced with cloud? No problem. Our experts are ready to guide you every step of the way, up to managing all aspects of your design, installation, and ongoing management, both in the cloud and on-premise. 
Hybrid and Multi Cloud

Database Modernization

Whether it’s platforms like the mainframe or legacy databases such as RDBMSs that fall short of meeting your application requirements, it’s time for your database strategy to evolve and support your next-generation business initiatives. Not only does DataStax provide a 21st-century database that is a hand-in-glove fit for your modern application checklist, but it also makes the move from outdated database software a cost-savings event.       

  • DataStax’s database platforms contain the modern functionality needed that lets you stop the frustrating process of trying to push the RDBMS square peg through the modern application database round hole.
  • Offloading mainframe data-related tasks to DataStax lets you take advantage of modern database innovations and architectures and save money in the process. 
  • Experience faster application time to market with a database that doesn’t slow you down with inadequate functionality and instead gives you everything needed to build applications that scale and never go down. 
Modern Database

Online Application Development

A database is the heart of every application system you own. And that database will either limit and prevent you from effectively competing in the digital marketplace or it will be your biggest competitive advantage. 

  • The core technology of Apache Cassandra and DataStax were built by the digital pioneers (e.g. Google, Amazon) who now set the standard for modern application development and business success. 
  • Improving upon that proven open-source foundation, DataStax delivers advanced functionality such as enterprise security, integrated analytics, enterprise search, increased performance, graph database functionality and much more that helps modern applications to excel.
  • DataStax provides the visual development tools, top language drivers, key connectors to technologies like Apache Kafka™ and online education to make your developers instantly productive.     
Smartphone Apps

What DataStax Offers

Databases built for modern applications and the cloud