Deliver a Faster, More Relevant, More Satisfying Experience

Translate every customer's interactions with your company into a holistic, 360-degree view and real-time insights.


Real-Time Visibility

Have real-time visibility into your customers' interactions so you can deliver exactly the information and engagement they need.


Tailored Customer Experiences

Deliver tailored, in-the-moment customer experiences that keep them engaged and wanted to come back for more.


Holistic, 360-Degree View

Deliver a faster, more relevant and more satisfying experience to earn your customers' trust and admiration.


Real-Time Insurance Product Recommendations and Customer 360 Across Multiple Clouds? We Can and You Can Too

Boggess Advisory Group helped a leading insurance giant create a streaming data platform that constructs a 360-degree view of the customer in real time. The platform powers the creation of new investment products and a remarkable planning experience by leveraging containerized DataStax Enterprise running in Kubernetes. To avoid lock-in, we deployed across two public cloud vendors (AWS and Azure) which allows cost optimization and cloud independence at scale. Come learn more about our use case and how we deployed it for the best possible customer experience.

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How does DataStax support the Finance and Banking sectors | DataStax

Having a complete picture of the customer is top of mind for every industry - especially in the Financial, Banking, and Insurance sectors. Deliver highly customized experiences to your customer using insights with DataStax Enterprise. Learn more about DataStax Enterprise and how DataStax can accelerate your hybrid-cloud journey here:

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"DataStax has allowed us to break the complexities of our legacy systems, empowering us to leverage data to innovate and make more informed decisions so we can provide a truly personalized and premium experience to our customers."

Mark Dash

Assistant Vice President of Information Technology, Penn Mutual


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