Get the Business Insights You Need to Outrun Your Competition

Stay in constant contact with your customer and business with the most innovative and proven database technology that’s designed specifically for your modern applications.


Collect and Analyze Data Anywhere and Everywhere

Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax’s unique masterless architecture is designed to collect and analyze data everywhere it lives. It delivers infinite scale, ridiculously fast performance, 100% uptime, and gives you a key advantage in today’s crowded, competitive marketplace.


Data Analytics Your Way

DataStax offers the ultimate freedom in designing and deploying analytics in your systems, which give you insight into every aspect of your customer and business. Our platform melds together transactional and analytical operations in a seamless and advanced fashion that enables you to constantly deliver insights to your decision makers.


Connecting the (Data) Dots with Graph

Understanding the relationships in the bottomless amounts of data you collect is key to making business sense of it. Only DataStax has a distributed graph database that’s capable of storing, analyzing, and delivering insights into all the mountains of data you have.

The Best Database Platform for Running and Analyzing Your Business

The top transactional, analytical, search, and graph database technologies all under one roof and made easy to work with. What else do you need?

Know Everything There Is To Know About Your Customer

Your business success depends on you getting a holistic, real-time view of every customer, which in turn enables you to create seamless, instant, and relevant experiences for them. No one supports Customer 360 applications better than DataStax. 

  • No technology unearths customer insights better than a graph database. DataStax Graph gives you the competitive advantage when it comes to analyzing the relationships between your customer and business. 
  • Advanced Apache Spark analytics embedded in DataStax databases platforms makes quick work of analyzing customer interactions and delivering instant actionable recommendations. 
  • Enterprise search functionality brings to light the hidden data nuggets needed for customer behavior discovery. 
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Real Time Analytics for Right Now Decision Making

Business interactions have evolved into ones that combine standard transactional operations blended with analytics and search in real time. Only DataStax has a platform that makes such analytical processing straightforward and easy.   

  • Handle transactional, analytical, search, and graph workloads all in the same database with full workload isolation that delivers no competition for data or compute resources.
  • Enjoy the innovations of top open source technologies that have been certified to work together for serious production applications. 
  • Experience rapid application development with tooling that helps you write your database code right the first time. 
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DataStax Solutions for Customer Insights and Analytics

The best database technologies for building modern business applications