Increase Revenue With the Always-On, Distributed Cloud Database

DataStax Enterprise with integrated search, analytics, and graph is the database to power your eCommerce and customer experience transformation.


Distributed and Always-On

Increase revenue with 24x7x365 availability, so your customers can shop no matter where or when they are.


Contextual and Real-Time

Improve dollar realization with real-time pricing based on relevant factors such as product popularity and scarcity.



Increase revenue by utilizing new eCommerce channels previously out-of-reach with older, legacy RDBMS or Mainframe systems.


How to Ensure Your eCommerce Applications are Always On at Scale

eCommerce is a whole new ball game today. Customers want quick, instantly responsive applications that adapt to their personal preferences and buying history, and if the application lags for just a moment, they click away at the expense of your bottom line. Read this white paper to learn what today’s ecommerce applications need at the data layer to thrive in the Right-Now Economy and the specific features that make DataStax Enterprise the best choice for your ecommerce apps.

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Macy’s: Right-Now eCommerce at Scale

Macy’s became a Right-Now Enterprise, and the number one ecommerce site in the United States, the moment it began to unlock the full potential of its data. What does unlocking the full potential of your data mean? The Importance of the 5Ds Tapping into the true full potential of your data means harvesting it in a way that allows applications to have the “5 D’s” (dimensions): Relevancy Availability Responsiveness Accessibility Engagement Relevancy means being contextual by allowing the correlation of customer data across all touch points, which allows for individualization. Availability means being always on, which allows continuous access to data without any downtime. Responsiveness means acting in real time to create instantly gratifying and instantly delightful experiences. Accessibility means being distributed so that data can be replicated across multiple data centers or cloud regions. Engagement means being scalable to meeting growing business demands quickly and cost-effectively. Becoming an eCommerce Leader Via Right-Now Search and Filtering Macy’s used the five dimensions to make itself a Right-Now eCommerce leader, as illustrated by its top-ranked filtering performance. Having the right database foundation enabled Macy’s to implement intelligent category-specific filters that instantly provided customers the ability to search products based on criteria that are relevant to that product category. In addition, the filters are prioritized for searches based on importance and thematic patterns. One hundred percent of Macy’s global brick and mortar and dotcom inventory and catalog is managed in DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and DSE Analytics powers the global recommendation engine. Macy’s filtering experience stands out and is a key component of the customer’s overall experience. Macy’s e-commerce continues to thrive as it changes the game for 55.9 million average monthly customer visits. Omnichannel, Customer Experience Excellence Using DataStax A few years ago, Macy’s enlisted the help of DataStax Enterprise to power its omnichannel catalog, enabling it to scale to millions of requests per second and reach this high level of product filtering functionality. By now it’s a well-know and heavily publicized fact that most customers will leave a brand after just a single poor or mediocre experience. This is the Right-Now Customer, and Macy’s understands the needs of the Right-Now Customer as well as anyone. Its omnichannel catalog allows it to sell any product, in-store or online, seamlessly and without hiccups. DataStax has allowed its catalog API’s to scale to millions of UPCs and millions of requests per second with sub- 100-millisecond response times and individualize the customer journey across channels. Now that’s the definition of Right-Now eCommerce. (Forbes) Macy's Big Magic Trick: How The World's Largest Store Keeps Its Customers Coming Back READ NOW

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Evaluating Cloud Databases for eCommerce Applications

Just like the ecommerce world of old, the ecommerce database of old—a data store of customer information—simply wouldn’t work in today’s Right-Now Economy. With touchpoints proliferating, data volume increasing, and attention spans shortening, enterprises face huge challenges in building effective ecommerce apps. Read this eBook to learn the database requirements to support powerful, game-changing ecommerce applications.

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"To provide quick feedback loops for customers, analytics needs to be in real-time, alongside historical data. With data being pushed on the edge, recommendations and personalisation had to have analysis done in near real-time at the point of interaction, or at each transactional action or event."

Rajay Rai, Digital Architect

Digital Architect, Macquarie Bank


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