Mainframe to Cloud-Native

Don’t fall behind; embrace agility and innovation with cloud-native database.


Offload Data-Related Tasks

Despite many legacy applications still running on mainframes, the continued rise of modern, customer-facing applications puts unpredictable demands for computing power on these aged systems. Though migrations can be complex, there are substantial cost savings associated with offloading data-related tasks from mainframes to DataStax database platforms.


Data Distribution

Today your customers expect the information on their devices to be always relevant and instantly accessible everywhere they are. Legacy mainframe systems cannot satisfy the rapid pace of the modern application life cycle. Only modern, distributed and scalable cloud-native database platforms from DataStax can support the growing demands of modern applications.



Traditional databases are not fit to support modern, multi-cloud and globally distributed microservices. Decoupling legacy applications into independent units allows you to address rapidly changing requirements and achieve high agility to drive customer satisfaction.

Solution Architectures

Migrating from mainframes to a microservices-driven architecture can feel daunting, but DataStax engineers and the Apache Cassandra community are here to help and guide along the way. Following sample solution architectures that demonstrate how to modernize existing legacy systems provide a phased, accessible approach to migration.

Operational Data Layer with DataStax

Modernizing legacy infrastructure through multi-phase approach with DataStax Database Platform as an Operational Data Layer with advanced data analytics by gradually reducing Mainframes loads and introducing new microservices to support new applications and channels.

DSE Ecosystem Architecture (Mainframe)

Distributed Architecture

With DataStax, a cloud-native database platform and distributed architecture can be instantly available to you anywhere and anytime, letting you achieve high resilience and availability.

Mainframe Migration

DataStax Alternatives to Mainframe Platforms

Your 21st Century Applications Need a 21st Century Database