The Modern Database for the Applications You’re Building Right Now

Your 30- to 40-year-old databases aren’t able to support the new microservices applications that run your business. DataStax ups your game by giving you all the modern capabilities you need, plus the freedom to innovate, move with speed and agility, and save money over expensive legacy database platforms.


Built for Cloud Age Applications

Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax’s unique masterless architecture is a hand-in-glove fit for cloud age applications. It delivers infinite scale, ridiculously fast performance, 100% uptime, runs anywhere and gets your applications to market in the fastest possible time.


Turbocharged Modern Application Development

A truly scalable, distributed, secure, and always-up database that looks like an RDBMS but is so much more. Visual development and management tools with a SQL-like language make developing powerful microservices applications easy and obvious.


Designed to Support Modern Application Architectures

Support for every development language you use, smart functionality that enables you to code less, integration with key technologies like Apache Kafka™, Kubernetes, Docker, and development frameworks. What more do you need?

Unbreakable Microservices Applications

Get the upper hand when it comes to building key applications that run your business and are immune to disaster.

IoT Applications at Serious Scale? No Problem.

IoT applications are processing devices and sensors that continuously produce data. This data needs to be managed and stored at large scale and accessible with velocity so it can be analyzed, cross-correlated and used to make critical data-driven decisions, often in real-time.

  • No database writes data faster than Cassandra and DataStax, which supports not only high-speed data ingestion, but also has built-in Kafka support. 
  • Search and analyze information, cross-correlate IoT data from edge to hub to deliver mind-blowing experiences that will drive business value, engagement and growth.
  • Easily add scale and capacity while maintaining 100% uptime – no matter what or where; at the edge, on-premises, across clouds.
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Know Everything There Is To Know About Your Customer

Your business success depends on you getting a holistic, real-time view of every customer, which in turn enables you to create seamless, instant, and relevant experiences for them. No one supports Customer 360 applications better than DataStax. 

  • No technology unearths customer insights better than a graph database. DataStax Graph gives you the competitive advantage when it comes to analyzing the relationships between your customer and business. 
  • Advanced analytics embedded in DataStax databases platforms makes quick work of analyzing customer interactions and delivering instant actionable recommendations. 
  • Enterprise search functionality brings to light the hidden data nuggets needed for customer behavior discovery. 

Build Game-Changing Online Retail Apps

No part of any enterprise’s business is growing faster than its digital business. Online retail apps have many microservices components like product catalog, shopping cart, user profile, activity tracking and others that are key to the success of that application. DataStax is the database used by digital business leaders to get their game-changing applications to market in the fastest possible time.

  • Whether your application needs document, key-value, tabular, or graph data models to handle your data management needs, DataStax has them all covered in the same database.
  • Handling and tracking customer activity in real-time requires a database that is capable of writing huge amounts of data extremely fast, anywhere in the world - which is just what DataStax is famous for.
  • Analyzing online customer activity requires supporting both transactional and analytical workloads on the same data with no resource conflicts. Only DataStax has smart workload isolation that lets you do this with ease.
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Future-Proof Time Series Data Management

Whether it’s sensor or financial streaming data, DataStax is specifically built to handle time-stamped measurements and events at large scale that drive real-time business analytics from any streaming source. 

  • DataStax is specifically designed to collect and analyze time-series data at scale and high-speed velocity.
  • The masterless architecture of Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax lets you collect and stream data from anywhere.
  • Integrated analytics allows you to easily unlock the value of your streaming data and forecast trends, detect patterns and anomalies and create actionable insights
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Security and Identity Management Made Easy

Authentication and authorization are the gatekeepers to your applications. DataStax helps you ensure real-time, always-on access to the right people.

  • With its modern data platform capabilities, DataStax guarantees real-time data security for all digital entitlements, whether it’s account information, contract information, subscriptions, movies, games, or other resources. 
  • Use real-time data and analytics to get to the source of a major network attack, detect an intrusion, or comply with the GDPR.
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Modern Database Solutions for Modern Microservices Applications