Reap the Rewards of a Modern Database Platform

Your 30-40-year-old platform and database is holding you back from growing your business. DataStax gives you the freedom to innovate, move with speed and agility, and save money over legacy database platforms that aren’t designed for today’s applications.


Built for the Cloud Age

Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax’s unique masterless architecture is designed for the cloud age. It delivers infinite scale, ridiculously fast performance, 100% uptime, runs anywhere and gives you a key advantage in today’s crowded, competitive marketplace.


Designed to Support Modern Application Architectures

Top market leader’s microservices-built applications depend on the advanced functionality of DataStax to rapidly get their applications to market and deliver instant and impressive customer experiences around the globe.


Architected for Today’s Business Requirements

Legacy database software was never designed for 100% uptime, widely-distributed applications, and the type of scale experienced by digital applications. By contrast, DataStax software guarantees no downtime, easily puts your data in customer’s hands around the world, and linearly scales to meet any data challenge.

Update Your Business Systems with DataStax Today

Trade in your legacy mainframe and RDBMS architectures for a platform that supports your 21st-century applications.

Mainframe Modernization and Offloading

The centralized nature of mainframe platforms aren’t capable of supporting today’s radically-distributed systems. DataStax can help you transition from your old mainframe onto a decentralized platform that gives you the freedom to easily put your data anywhere you need. 

  • Offloading mainframe data-related tasks to DataStax lets you take advantage of modern database innovations and architectures and saves money in the process. 
  • DataStax databases deliver the gold standard in data distribution capabilities that let you expand your business to anywhere in the world in minutes. 
  • Experience faster application time to market with a database that doesn’t hamstring you with a centralized platform, but instead gives you everything needed to build decentralized applications that scale, run across all clouds and on-premise, and never go down. 
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Migration from Relational Databases

RDBMS architectures can’t deliver on the uptime, performance, scale, and data distribution requirements of modern applications. But DataStax meets all key checklist items and provides easy ways to migrate your data to a DataStax database.  

  • Go from moderate to high-availability with RDBMSs to continuous availability with DataStax.
  • Join other successful market leaders who have experienced the linear scale performance DataStax databases gives their very satisfied customers.
  • Put your data anywhere in the world and have your customers enjoy uniform response times no matter where they are located. 
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DataStax Alternatives to Mainframe and RDBMS Platforms

Your 21st Century Applications Need a 21st Century Database