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DataStax Announces DataStax Enterprise 5.1 to Make Cloud Applications Easier to Scale

Update – April 18, 2017: DSE 5.1, DataStax OpsCenter 6.1 and DataStax Studio 2.0 are available for download here. Learn more in this blog post from our SVP and Chief Product Officer Robin Schumacher.

Update – March 31, 2017: DSE 5.1, DataStax OpsCenter 6.1 and DataStax Studio 2.0 will be available for download later in April and not April 4 as our original release stated. We’re wrapping up final testing and will keep this release updated with our new download date.

  • Three times faster operational analytics over open source Apache Cassandra™ and Spark™ combination
  • Simplified management for multi-tenant SaaS applications as well as administration and monitoring
  • Unified development environment for both DataStax Enterprise Graph and Apache Cassandra

SANTA CLARA, CA – March 15, 2017 – DataStax, the leader in data management for cloud applications, today announced DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 5.1, the latest version of the always-on data platform. DataStax also announced the latest versions of DataStax OpsCenter, its web-based visual management and monitoring solution; DataStax Studio, its interactive tool for developing and visualizing large datasets; and updated drivers for all popular development languages.

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DSE 5.1 delivers three times faster operational analytics performance over the open source Apache Cassandra and Spark combination. It also provides simplified management for multi-tenant SaaS applications as well as administration and monitoring. Finally, it offers a unified development environment for both DataStax Enterprise Graph and Apache Cassandra.

“Cloud applications present a whole new set of challenges that organizations must meet in order to be successful. The need to be contextual, personalized, and always-on with real-time responsiveness for a distributed user base can be tough requirements to meet,” said Robin Schumacher, SVP and Chief Product Officer, DataStax. “DataStax Enterprise 5.1 is designed to make it simpler for anyone to build applications that are always-on, deliver effortless scale, and are driven by real-time, data-driven moments that users demand.”

Introducing DataStax Enterprise 5.1

DataStax Enterprise 5.1 brings high-performance operational analytics, simplified security management for multi-tenant applications, and graph data to the forefront, while eliminating complexity and downtime in a comprehensive data platform.

Key DSE 5.1 enhancements include:

  • Three times increase in read performance in DataStax Enterprise and Spark for analytical queries, improving Spark interactive/ad hoc use cases
  • Simplified and tighter integration for mixed workloads including expanded capabilities of the new distributed file system made available in v5.0: DataStax Enterprise File System (DSEFS) is distributed, scalable, fault tolerant with no single point of failure and fully compatible with HDFS, for operational database support
  • Production certified Spark 2.0 providing customers with trusted and enhanced operational analytics for production systems
  • Row-Level Access Control (RLAC) providing granular security management for Cassandra making it easy to protect sensitive data and greatly reduces management overhead and development time for multi-tenancy deployments
  • Production certification for Solr 6.0, including faster search as well as simplified search development and management
  • Simplified developer coding and accuracy validation in DSE Graph with new fluent API, improved graph analytics via integration with Spark GraphFrames, full DSE Search integration, and improved monitoring and tuning of DSE Graph within DataStax OpsCenter
  • Production certified Apache Cassandra 3.11.1

Improved Visual Management to Simplify Large Scale Operations

DataStax OpsCenter is built from the ground up to manage and monitor the data platform infrastructure that powers large scale cloud applications. DataStax OpsCenter 6.1 offers improved visual management to simplify repairs and backups. OpsCenter 6.1 delivers better automatic repair operations with built-in resiliency and fine-grained control and reporting which allows users to easily view the progress of repairs and identify issues to achieve continuous availability. OpsCenter 6.1 also provides more flexible backup and restore capabilities with data center level backups and better support for Amazon S3 destination in the Backup Service.

Explore Graph Data with Unified Development Environment

DataStax Studio 2.0 offers a unified development environment for DataStax Enterprise and DSE Graph developers with new Cassandra Query Language (CQL) support. DataStax Studio is an interactive tool for developing, exploring, and visualizing large datasets for both DataStax Enterprise and DataStax Enterprise Graph.


DataStax Enterprise 5.1 and DataStax OpsCenter 6.1 will be available for download on April 4, 2017 here.


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