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Blog Roundup: Astra + Stargate Open Source API Stack for Modern Data Apps Is Here

Denise Gosnell
Denise GosnellChief Data Officer
Blog Roundup: Astra + Stargate Open Source API Stack for Modern Data Apps Is Here

Last week, we announced that Stargate, our new open source API framework for data, is now available on DataStax’s Astra cloud database and free to download. As a result, developers around the world can now build modern, data-driven applications using their preferred APIs.

Stargate will help millions of full-stack developers work with any shape of data or type of data store they want. Developers can now use the APIs they want (Schemaless JSON, GraphQL, and REST APIs) to build fast apps at scale.

We are excited to have engineers from Netflix, Burberry, Macquarie Bank,      USAA and Yelp creating Stargate with us. They are already hard at work battle testing the APIs and collaborating on new features. 

To help devs succeed rapidly using Stargate, we’ve released a ton of helpful content for you to check out.

  1. Stargate in Astra: Bringing Modern Data APIs to Access Database-as-a-ServiceOutlines why Stargate is the open source data gateway, how developers can benefit from using Stargate in Astra, and what the release of Astra Serverless data storage in beta means for your organization’s cloud budget
  2. Announcing: Stargate 1.0 in Astra; REST, GraphQL, & Schemaless JSON for Your Cassandra DevelopmentExplains what Stargate is, what it means for the organizations and devs that use it, how you can use Stargate to do a few data API calls for a basic TikTok clone, and what the future of Stargate looks like.
  3. Astra Goes Serverless: Apache Cassandra That Scales Effortlessly and AffordablyWe also announced Astra Serverless data storage in beta last week. This introduces Astra Serverless—the only multi-cloud database as a service built on Apache Cassandra that allows you to pay for what you use and scales up and down as your requirements change—and details some of the popular use cases for Astra Serverless
  4. Quickstart: 6 Tricks for Next-Level CRUDs - Six tips to keep in mind as you’re performing CRUD operations to ensure you get the outcomes you’re aiming for. Some tricks include caching your data with a revalidation library and pre-loading your query cache.
  5. Quickstart: 6 Tricks for Simple Cloud CV - Six tricks to create a quick ML app to upload comics to the cloud, perform fancy Computer Vision operations on them (e.g., optical character recognition and translation), and correct the transcripts on a personal cloud database.

We also have hands-on tutorials on for using Stargate’s REST, Document and GraphQL APIs. Check them out and let us know what you think. 

For more information on Astra + Stargate and how you can use it to build powerful applications faster using your favorite tools, check this out


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