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Can’t-Miss Apache Kafka™ Talk at DataStax Accelerate

As part of my customer engagements, I often speak to data architects and leads striving to build real-time data architectures that are flexible and scalable. With the array of requirements inside a modern enterprise landscape, often a single technology or solution is not enough to solve the customer’s needs. Furthermore, it's worth noting that an additional level of complexity is added to the equation when multiple teams get involved.

In many of these environments, most customers have DataStax Enterprise and Confluent Enterprise as part of their technology stack. If you are grappling with this scalability and flexibility problem today or thinking of building a new system, the timing can’t get any better!

DataStax is gathering the world’s leading brands at the world's premier Apache Cassandra conference, DataStax Accelerate. Cliff Gilmore, a senior architect at Confluent, will discuss these exact problems and how to solve them in his talk, “Modern Data Architectures with Kafka and Cassandra.” In this session, Gilmore will go into depth about the interplay between Apache Kafka and Apache Cassandra and explain why these two technologies are critical building blocks of enterprises looking to deliver modern applications. Accelerate has an impressive lineup of speakers eager to share their key learnings with you: the good, the bad, and the ugly! I certainly look forward to attending many sessions, and most importantly, interacting and learning a trick or two! See you there!

DataStax Accelerate


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