CompanyMay 19, 2021

Consolidate on Cassandra with Modern APIs and Reduce Time to Market by 50%

Wens Gerdyman
Wens GerdymanDirector of Product Marketing
Consolidate on Cassandra with Modern APIs and Reduce Time to Market by 50%

With its high availability and scalability, Apache Cassandra™ broke new ground in the database world and gained the trust of thousands of companies, who use it to back high-performance applications. Recent innovations have catapulted Cassandra beyond the highly scalable and fault-tolerant domain only. For example, Project K8ssandra has made it easy for operators to run Cassandra on Kubernetes. 

Another innovation is Stargate, the modern data APIs for Cassandra. Stargate helps developers turbocharge app development, so you can prototype quickly and back production applications with Cassandra, using the APIs you’re already familiar with: REST, schemaless JSON, and GraphQL, and cut by half the time required to launch your applications.

Operators should gain confidence in the ability of Cassandra to back applications using multiple data models, including documents (in addition to tabular/key-value). Reduce your headache by leveraging Cassandra as a multi-model database and consolidate your database sprawl to Cassandra/DSE/Astra.

3 steps to API your way to Cassandra

1. Sign up for Astra

Since Stargate is the default API of Astra, the serverless Cassandra-as-a-Service by DataStax, there is nothing to install. As a developer you can sign up to use Astra for free, which is quite handy when you’re still prototyping. 

2. Develop on Cloud APIs

Now that everything is set up, developers can start developing prototypes on Stargate APIs, whether the application’s data is key value, tabular, or schemaless document. To you, the “database” appears as just a cloud API. You can even use tools like Postman as the client interface.

3. Bring it to production

When you decide to bring your prototype to production, you can continue to use Astra’s pay-as-you-go service. To bring it in house, your operator can install Stargate to use with your existing Cassandra OSS or DSE. They can create more users and auth tokens so other developers and applications can access Cassandra or DSE via Stargate.

Still need help?

DataStax can assist you. Contact your Account Executive to schedule a workshop for using Stargate with DataStax Enterprise and DataStax Astra, or Apache Cassandra OSS for DataStax Luna customers.


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