CompanyJanuary 30, 2021

Developer Newsletter: DBA to SRE With K8ssandra

Patrick McFadin
Patrick McFadinVP, Developer Relations & Cassandra Committer
Developer Newsletter: DBA to SRE With K8ssandra

Great news! We’ve just launched our first learning content in support of a new certificate program: Apache Cassandra Operations in Kubernetes. The first three lessons include:

Why are we doing this? Over the past couple of years the Cassandra community has been hard at work on projects like cass-operator and K8ssandra to realize the dream of running Cassandra on Kubernetes in production. This is putting a ton of energy back into the Cassandra project, especially for operators who are telling us that working on Kubernetes is keeping them relevant. 

We’ve been on this journey for a while together: Oracle DBA to Cassandra DBA. Now it’s time to take the next step: DBA to Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). DBAs have been super important in protecting data as a core business asset, but that role focuses on the database as the “what”. Now, we’re shifting to managing the entire application stack. Moving forward, it’s all about the “how” - how do we deploy applications in the cloud, maintain high availability, and keep cost under control? 

At DataStax we’ve been talking to DBAs to build out the skills tree and this new certification based on K8ssandra to help you make the transition to SRE. We’re releasing this learning material as we create it so that we can get your feedback in real-time and shape this body of knowledge together!

Notable Software Releases

This week, DataStax announced our entry into streaming, featuring our acquisition of Kesque, partnership with the Apache Pulsar community, and these releases:

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