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Developer Newsletter: Start coding in minutes with Apache Cassandra™ at

Jeffrey Carpenter
Jeffrey CarpenterSoftware Engineer - Stargate
Developer Newsletter: Start coding in minutes with Apache Cassandra™ at

We’re excited to share a new learning experience for both new and experienced Cassandra users now available at As you can read about on the DataStax Blog, the “DataStax for Developers” site features embedded hands-on learning scenarios where you apply concepts as you learn them by interacting with a live Cassandra cluster. 

The scenarios under the Try it Out section will get you writing CQL and coding in Java, Python or node.js in minutes, and we show you how to get your own free database using DataStax Astra where you can continue learning, experimenting and building your own apps. 

The site also includes an initial set of “skills” pages with additional scenarios to help you learn how to create data models, integrate Cassandra and Kafka, and deploy Cassandra on Kubernetes. We’ll continue to deliver additional skills pages on Cassandra fundamentals and integrations with other technologies frequently used in modern, cloud-native application development. 

We want to make you as successful as possible with this technology, so we’re very interested in your feedback, especially if you’re brand new to Cassandra. Please reach out with your questions, comments, and suggestions via email at, or on Twitter: @datastaxdevs.

Upcoming Events 

  • Cassandra Workshop series - We’ve just finished the second week of this 8-week series, but there’s still time to register and catch up! Join us to build, test and deploy an application into production and prepare to take a free developer or administrator certification exam.

Community Highlights from Cassandra.Link

Notable Software Releases

  • Cassandra Quarkus 1.0.0-alpha1 - Quarkus is a Kubernetes Native Java stack that provides fast-startup, low resource utilization, and reactive programming. With the new Quarkus extension for Apache Cassandra® released in Quarkus 1.6, all it takes is a few lines of code to connect to Cassandra and access your data.
  • DataStax Desktop v2.1 - Desktop is a great way to spin up stacks containing Cassandra / DSE clusters and demos on your local Docker instance. This latest release uses Cassandra 4.0 alpha 4 and the latest drivers and features a new Graph stack, check the release notes for more.   

Example of the Week

Documentation to Bookmark

What topics would you like to hear more about? Working on something interesting? We’d love your feedback: | @DataStaxDevs.  


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