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Important Monitoring Session for Operators at DataStax Accelerate

When running mission-critical applications, it’s essential to have a reliable data backbone to power them. The ability to monitor your DataStax Enterprise (DSE) deployment and gain insight into its operations provides you, the operator, with the knowledge you need to successfully scale and run DSE at peak performance and efficiency. That’s why I’m excited to hear more at J.B.

Langston and Manikandan Srinivasan’s talk, “Get Better Operation Insights on DataStax Enterprise Clusters,”at the world's premier Apache CassandraTM conference, DataStax Accelerate. Langston and Srinivasan, senior escalation engineer and senior director of product management at DataStax, respectively, will go into great detail about how operators scale DSE monitoring with features such as the Metrics Collector and more. I can’t wait for this talk because J.B and Mani will not only go into detail about the features being used, but also share their deep understanding of how these features are being utilized by some of the largest enterprises, right now. To add to that, the talk will include some exciting announcements about future solutions that will further push the envelope to help make operators’ lives easier!

In addition to this talk, DataStax Accelerate has many more operator-oriented talks with speakers eager to share their key learnings about DSE and Apache CassandraTM with you. I can’t wait to attend, and more importantly, interact, network, and hang out with speakers and attendees face-to-face.

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