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A Kubernetes Talk at DataStax Accelerate That You Shouldn’t Miss

The world of database operations is changing rapidly. Day by day, new technologies are evolving to simplify your life as a database operator. One of these key technologies is Kubernetes.

In the past, deploying anything beyond stateless applications on Kubernetes was frustrating and near-impossible. Thanks in part to the release of StatefulSets, a feature that makes it vastly easier to manage stateful applications in Kubernetes, that’s beginning to change in the enterprise, and I can’t wait to hear more about this at the world's premier Apache CassandraTM conference, DataStax Accelerate.

In his Accelerate talk, “Running a Globally Distributed Cassandra Cluster on Kubernetes in the Cloud,” Mike Treadway, a principal architect at IBM, will be sharing his knowledge about going from a simple Cassandra deployment on Kubernetes to an operationally viable, globally distributed deployment. As companies set their eyes on standardizing their deployments across clouds and on-premises data centers, the importance of running a database on Kubernetes has grown significantly. With enormous confidence, I can attest that learning from these important operational experiences and lessons will ease any future transition to Kubernetes.

In addition to this talk, DataStax Accelerate has many more operator-oriented and Kubernetes talks with speakers eager to share their key learnings about DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra. I’m extremely excited to attend, and more importantly, interact with speakers and attendees face-to-face. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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