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Accelerate Season 1 - That’s a Wrap!

Mala Tejwani
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Accelerate Season 1 - That’s a Wrap!

Season 1 of Accelerate: A NoSQL Original Series is officially in the books!

The Cassandra community came together to learn how users and enterprises are innovating with open-source, scale-out, and cloud-native app development.

There were many highlights (including our very own Denise Gosnell singing—more on that below). But, in case you missed it, below is a quick recap.

1. "We try to focus on what matters most. That is the customer specifically. Data is the ultimate way to listen to customers." - T-Mobile CIO Cody Sanford

Watch T-Mobile CIO Cody Sanford and DataStax CEO Chet Kapoor discuss how the “Un-carrier” makes data-fueled, customer-experience obsession the driving force of their success.

2. Data is the lifeblood of enterprises and business ecosystems.

Data-Driven enterprises ask themselves two questions:

  • How do I change the value proposition for my customers?
  • How do I create new value propositions for my customers?

Tune in as Chet shares his perspective on what a leadership vision for a data-driven enterprise looks like and the key principles to inspire change and promote growth.

3. Astra is GA 🚀

The New Stack’s Alex Williams leads a panel of experts who discuss the role Cassandra can play as a hybrid database-as-a-service. They cover how Astra is the easiest way to get your hands on Cassandra in the cloud. With a few keystrokes, you can be up and running with a fully compatible Cassandra database (try the free 10 GB today).

4. "I think there's so much opportunity to move beyond looking at static text on a screen as we write code and we build the next generation of cloud-native apps." - Observable CEO Melody Meckfessel

If cloud-native is all about speed and agility, you need to leverage the power of open source to build the best data-driven apps.

Google Fellow and VP of Infrastructure Eric Brewer, Observable CEO Melody Meckfessel, and DataStax Chief Strategy Officer Sam Ramji unpack what this means for data-driven software development.

5. Better, faster, stronger 💪: #Cassandra 4.0 beta is here!

Hear from a panel of experts on lessons learned with Cassandra and discuss how Cassandra 4.0 beta gives modern developers a reliable, scale-out solution for building cloud-native applications.

6. Kubernetes and Cassandra are like peanut butter and jelly.

You will hear from Sky and Yelp about Cassandra’s potential as the data control plane for Kubernetes.

7. The Race to Scale 🏁 with Capital One and Intuit.

What happens when enterprises need their critical applications to scale to millions of customers in minutes? No surprise: They use Cassandra.

8: 🎵 You Are My Index 🎵 and other original jams in our #DataModeling episode.

Jam out to our original pop, folk, and EDM tracks while learning about data-modeling.

And so much more!

The first season of Accelerate was filled with incredible stories that motivate us to keep shining the spotlight on users and enterprises to see how today’s leading organizations are using Cassandra to build transformative data-driven, cloud-native applications.

We’ll continue to improve as we accelerate on our mission: to connect every developer in the world to the power of Apache Cassandra, with the freedom to run their data on any device and in any cloud.

In the meantime, we had such a good time with this series that we’ve already greenlit Season 2!

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