CompanyFebruary 11, 2020

Who’s Ready for Accelerate 2020? Registration is Now Open for San Diego and London

Louise Westoby
Louise Westoby
Who’s Ready for Accelerate 2020? Registration is Now Open for San Diego and London

It’s official! Registration is now open for DataStax Accelerate San Diego and London, the world’s largest Apache Cassandra™ NoSQL event! Come hear keynotes from Rob Carter, CIO of FedEx and Corey Quinn, Cloud Economist of The Duckbill Group.

Accelerate will feature sessions from global leaders such as Alibaba, Confluent,, Ericcson, FedEx, ING Poland, Intuit, Target, and more.

After a successful 2019 event, we’re incredibly excited to bring the Cassandra community together again with two Accelerate conferences this year:

Accelerate is where the NoSQL and Cassandra community come together to explore the trends, strategies, and technologies driving modern application development and data management.

Dive into how NoSQL is taking over the world. Learn how to build killer apps that scale globally and how to build with today's hottest tools—like Kubernetes and Kafka—and why they are the future of app development.

If you’re a developer, architect, database operator, manager, or executive—and keen on learning about how today’s leading companies are using Cassandra as well as sharing tips and ideas with the community—Accelerate is THE perfect venue to make it all happen.

Visit DataStax Accelerate San Diego and London for more information. You can also watch this video to learn more.

Here’s to building an even stronger Cassandra community in 2020 and beyond!


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