Why join the Engineering team at DataStax?


Our engineering team is fully distributed across North America and Europe, with limited locations in the APAC region.


This allows us to hire the best engineers for each team, without being restricted to a specific location's talent pool.


Working at DataStax you are part of a truly diverse and inclusive team and get to collaborate every day with smart minds from many different countries and backgrounds.

Our success comes from engineers like you!

Why work on DataStax technology?

We solve some of the most challenging problems in the industry. Software created by DataStax engineers impacts billions of people's everyday lives.

A day in your life with Cassandra
Cloud Native
Cloud Native
Our cloud service Astra provides this experience in multiple clouds, in over 50 regions.
We were the first independent, multi-cloud database vendor to offer a Serverless database product. We are all in on Kubernetes.
Open Source
Open Source
DataStax is a leading NoSQL database company, offering cloud and hybrid products based on Apache Cassandra®, Apache Pulsar® and you will get an opportunity to contribute to various other open source data and platform products. open source data products.
User Experience
User Experience
A unique feature of our product portfolio is our approach to combine multiple industry standard big data projects into a seamlessly integrated offering. DataStax Enterprise is not just based on Cassandra, but also Solr, Spark and Tinkerpop!
Our customers need their globally distributed databases to scale to terabytes and petabytes, to provide "always available" high availability, and state of the art performance.
Modern APIs
Modern APIs
We make your data accessible via industry standard APIs like REST, gRPC, GraphQL or JSON, and leading the way in cloud native database patterns.

What cool technologies will I get to work with?

We are all-in on Kubernetes - we operate many clusters across multiple public cloud regions. Our main programming language is Go, and we build dozens of Docker containers covering REST APIs, lambda functions, periodic jobs and workflow steps. Our stack includes: Etcd, Open Policy Agent, Prometheus, Grafana, Nginx, Terraform.

The cloud platform team owns the foundational services that enable our products to be deployed across the globe and our customers to launch and manage their databases, streaming pipelines, and other future data products.

This includes the infra control plane, monetization platform and logging and monitoring frameworks for our cloud database.

It is this platform that enables us to expand our service to ever more regions in the public cloud, to manage multi-region, multi-cloud database clusters that offer unparalleled availability and low latency, and scale individual clusters on demand when a customer needs to.

User Testing

Read more about our projects!

We started DataStax ten years ago to commercialize Apache Cassandra. There are even more interesting challenges to tackle now! Some of the things we're working on include:

The Kubernetes-centric distribution of Cassandra
Astra Streaming
An event streaming platform built on Apache Pulsar that (among other things) enables CDC out of Cassandra
Astra DB
Where we tore Cassandra apart and put it back together to create a multitenant, fully elastic service
The gateway that adds schemaless document capabilities on top of Cassandra
Apache Cassandra 4.0
The Best Open Source Database for Modern Applications
Distributed Systems Testing as a Service

And our team is growing!

We are currently hiring for many opportunities in the Engineering team:

Software Engineers
Support Engineers
Production Engineers