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Welcome to the DataStax Tech Blog Archive. Here’s where you can find the latest insights and technical articles from top experts and fellow peers on distributed systems, data management strategies, Star Wars/Star Trek debates, and best practices for building cloud applications that are always on, built with effortless scale, and deliver instant insight.

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The Von Gremlin Architecture

By Marko A. Rodriguez - August 15, 2017

One sunny summer afternoon, Gremlin was floating in a rocky pond near a grassy knoll a mere stones throw from a fertile garden filled with morning glory tentacles tangling themselves 'round many merry marigolds.

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Writing Scala Codecs for the Java Driver

By Alexandre Dutra - August 8, 2017

One of the common griefs Scala developers express when using the DataStax Java driver is the overhead incurred in almost every read or write operation, if the data to be stored or retrieved needs conversion from Java to Scala or vice versa.

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Bring Your Own Spark

By Artem Aliev - July 25, 2017

Bring Your Own Spark (BYOS) is a feature of DSE Analytics designed to connect from external Apache Spark™ systems to DSE with minimal configuration efforts. In this post we introduce how to configure BYOS and show some common use cases.

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DSE Advanced Replication in DSE 5.1

By Imran Chaudhry - July 11, 2017

DSE Advanced Replication builds on the multi-datacenter support in Apache Cassandra(R) to facilitate scenarios that require selective or "hub and spoke" replication. DSE Advanced Replication is specifically designed to tolerate sporadic connectivity that can occur in constrained environments, such as retail, oil-and-gas remote sites, and cruise ships. DSE Advanced Replication in DSE 5.1 improves design and performance characteristics. In this blog post we discuss design decisions that led to these DSE 5.1 changes.

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Studio 2.0 Goes Multi-Model with CQL Support

By Zach Kurey - June 27, 2017

Datastax Studio 2.0 introduces support for the Apache Cassandra™ Query Language(CQL) with an intelligent CQL editor that will give you a productivity boost when working with CQL and Datastax Enterprise(DSE) 5.0+

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Spark Application Dependency Management

By Jaroslaw Grabowski - June 20, 2017

Runtime and compilation time dependency management can be a difficult task. The Spark Build Examples project is designed to help Spark beginners quickly bootstrap and extend their first Spark Application with custom dependencies. It does that by providing number of template projects for different programing languages and different build tools. Moreover it shows different techniques like assembling and shading which help overcoming common dependency-related problems.

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