Restworld's AI-Powered Journey with Astra DB on AWS

Restworld, a trailblazer in the hospitality industry, operates as a hybrid job board and recruitment agency, connecting employers in the restaurant sector with potential employees.


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5X improvement in candidate matching

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Restworld's platform is a hub for job opportunities, enabling employers, including hotels, restaurants, and bars, to connect with job seekers efficiently. The company turned to various AI tools to help provide personalized and efficient experiences for their end users.


Restworld encountered significant challenges in managing the complexity and diversity of its data, stemming from a wide array of sources within the hospitality industry. The need to synchronize data across different platforms and filter based on various conditions posed a considerable hurdle. Ensuring consistency and accuracy in data representation became imperative for effective recruitment operations.


To overcome the challenges encountered in synchronizing data across diverse sources and enhancing the performance for categorical values, Restworld implemented a robust solution centered around vector technology. One key component was the adoption of storage-attached indexes, providing a seamless optimization mechanism.

Restworld also embraced collaborative filtering algorithms as part of its vector-based solution. The implementation of DatStax Astra DB on AWS as the vector database proved pivotal. Leveraging text embedding models, Restworld generated vectors from job offers, offering an efficient means of storage and retrieval. The platform employed collaborative filtering algorithms that used these vectors to recommend candidates based on past similar job positions. This vector-driven solution optimized the storage and retrieval of information and significantly improved the recommendation process.

By leveraging vector search and embedding models, Restworld transformed its data management processes. The use of vectors facilitated a more sophisticated representation and interpretation of data, particularly in the detailed context of job offers and candidate profiles. This approach not only streamlined data operations but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the recruitment platform, showcasing Restworld's commitment to overcoming challenges and innovating in the competitive landscape of hospitality recruitment.

"DataStax Astra DB has been a game-changer for Restworld,” said Edoardo Conte, CTO of Restworld. “It's not just about finding candidates; it's about understanding the semantic nuances of job positions and profiles. Astra DB’s vector search capabilities have been transformative, allowing us to delve into the intricacies of data interpretation and create a revolutionary recruitment approach. With Gen AI applications and vector search, we're not just navigating data but shaping the future of hospitality recruitment."


Adopting collaborative filtering algorithms and vector capabilities inspired by industry giants like Netflix and Amazon resulted in a potential 5X improvement in candidate matching at Restworld.

Implementing storage-attached indexes optimizes the filtering operations on some other non-vector fields. Restworld's agile response to market changes, especially during the pandemic, underscored the indispensable role of AI in managing the growing volume of acquired data.

The competitive advantage achieved through AI-driven tools was evident in the enhanced recruitment efficiency of Restworld's platform. Equipped with automatic CV parsing and matching algorithms, the platform streamlined the hiring process for employers, showcasing a commitment to providing a personalized experience for job seekers. The strategic partnership with DataStax proved pivotal, emphasizing collaboration and solution-building, showcasing a synergy between technology and partnership that has redefined the future of hiring in the hospitality sector.

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