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The Hybrid Cloud Database for Effortless Transformation

Most of today’s enterprises are headed for hybrid and multi cloud data architectures, if they’re not there already. The issue is that this transition to hybrid cloud often comes with drawbacks, such as data silos, cloud vendor lock-in, and data governance concerns.

DataStax Enterprise makes it easy for companies to fully exploit their hybrid cloud environments without having to rearchitect or change anything about their applications, forming a seamless data layer across all cloud deployments.

What is Hybrid and Multi-Cloud?

This short animated video describes why hybrid and multi-cloud architectures have become so important, and why having a data management platform designed for supporting these architectures is key for avoiding data silos and being able to rapidly deploy always-on applications in the cloud.

Benefits of having a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Strategy

This short animated video explains the importance of having a hybrid and multi-cloud data management strategy, why having one supports rapid development of and standardized access to key data sets, and why such a strategy involves both physical and application architectures.

Active Everywhere — Every Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Offering companies the benefits of both public and private clouds and the ability to adjust their model as they see fit, hybrid cloud is unquestionably the future of enterprise IT. DSE is the only data layer with a database built to run powerful, real-time, always-on applications in hybrid cloud.

Public Cloud

The world’s leading brands rely on DSE for their public cloud deployments. DataStax Enterprise was designed specifically for the public cloud with the ability to scale out and span cloud regions. DataStax Managed Cloud is available on both AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Private Cloud

Flexibility. Better resource management. Increased security. The benefits of private clouds are real and various, and DSE is the only unified data layer with database, search, and analytics that can easily span data centers.


Multi-cloud has become increasingly important as enterprises seek to leverage the benefits of different public clouds. DSE offers data autonomy, or the ability to have both data portability and complete control of your data at a granular level, which is critical for a successful multi-cloud strategy.

Powerful Applications

Today’s companies demand applications that are highly personalized, always on, real time, distributed, and scalable. DSE was built for these types of applications, and it’s the only data layer that can handle them at cloud scale.



Twice the horsepower of Apache Cassandra™



Downtime experienced by DSE customers

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Speed, scalability, and multi-data center support were primary criteria when choosing DataStax Enterprise over other NoSQL providers.

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