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Designed for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

With no single point of failure, global data distribution, advanced security, and up to 4x performance compared to open source Apache Cassandra™, DataStax Enterprise is uniquely suited for hybrid and multi-cloud.

DataStax Enterprise Is Uniquely Suited for Hybrid Cloud

Continuous Availability

Always-on masterless architecture with no single point of failure

Frictionless, Linear Scaling

Predictable performance and cost-efficiency at any scale

Advanced Security

Uniform security across the cloud protects from deliberate attackers and user error


No Data Silos

Data portability and distribution across multiple clouds and on premises

Protect Existing Investments

Minimal disruption to business through transition to cloud

No Vendor Lock-In

Leverage best-of-breed cloud services without any data limitation

The Hybrid Cloud Database for Effortless Transformation

Most of today’s enterprises are headed for hybrid and multi-cloud data architectures, if they’re not there already. But this transition often comes with drawbacks, such as data silos, cloud vendor lock-in, and data governance concerns.

DataStax Enterprise makes it easy to fully exploit their hybrid and multi-cloud environments without having to rearchitect or change anything about cloud applications. A masterless architecture provides a consistent data fabric between on-premises and cloud-based resources, without compromising on the constant uptime, security, and resiliency required for modern applications.


How Active Everywhere Database Architecture Accelerates Hybrid Cloud Deployments


What Is Hybrid and Multi-Cloud?

As hybrid and multi-cloud architectures have become increasingly important, so has the need for a data management platform designed for supporting these architectures. Picking the right one is key for avoiding data silos and being able to rapidly deploy always-on applications in the cloud.


What Is an Active Everywhere Masterless Architecture?

Modern application workloads have made relational databases nearly obsolete. What’s needed is a distributed database that can deliver the infinite scale and constant availability required to support high-volume, cloud-scale applications in multi-homed environments.

Active Everywhere — Every Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Offering companies the benefits of both public and private clouds and the ability to adjust their model as they see fit, hybrid cloud is unquestionably the future of enterprise IT. DSE is the only distributed database built to run powerful, real-time, always-on applications in hybrid cloud.

Public Cloud

The world’s leading brands rely on DataStax Enterprise for their public cloud deployments. With the ability to scale out and span multiple clouds and cloud regions without compromising on performance or availability, DSE provides cost-efficiency at scale.

Private Cloud

Flexibility. Better resource management. Increased security. The benefits of private clouds are real and various, and DSE is the only unified data layer with distributed database that can easily span multiple data centers globally.


Multi-cloud has become increasingly important as enterprises seek to leverage the benefits of different public clouds. DSE offers data autonomy, or the ability to have both data portability and complete control of your data at a granular level, which is critical for a successful multi-cloud strategy.

"We chose DSE because it works at massive scale and has the right security infrastructure in place, and it can operate across multiple clouds rather than being restricted to a certain cloud provider."

- Mohammad Khodadadi, Director of Data at Babylon Health


Babylon Taps DataStax for A.I.-Powered Health Service

The Always-On, Hybrid Cloud Database

Today’s companies demand applications that are highly personalized, always on, real time, distributed, and scalable. With its masterless architecture and advanced security features, DataStax Enterprise is uniquely suited for these types of modern applications. And it’s the only distributed database that can handle them at cloud scale without compromising on availability or performance.

Up to four times the horsepower

of Apache Cassandra

Downtime Experienced

by DSE customers

"Speed, scalability, and multi-data center support were primary criteria when choosing DataStax Enterprise over other NoSQL providers."

VP of Engineering, Constant Contact

Managed Your Way

Manage DSE yourself, whether it’s on private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud. Or use DataStax Managed Services to have it fully managed for you by DataStax experts.

Learn About DataStax Managed Services

DataStax Managed Services: your white-glove cloud service.

Experts at managing the world’s largest applications.

Advanced security for access control and auditing.

Run DSE on the clouds of your choice.

Data autonomy for data portability and control.


Run DSE on your clouds with Docker containers, learn about our Microsoft Azure partnership, and see how DataStax can run DSE for you with our white-glove service.


DataStax and Microsoft Azure

The hybrid cloud data layer built for enterprise disruptors.


The Top Data Management Challenges of Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud provides many data management advantages—but also comes with its challenges.


How to Transition to Hybrid Cloud

It’s all about the unique benefits that hybrid cloud offers.

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