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Of the top 15 global banks use DataStax



Transactions per second processed by Capital One



Uptime achieved by ING



Reduced application response time by Allied Payment

Customer Insights for Finance

Knowing your customer is top of mind for every industry—especially in financial services and banking. Delivering value to customers, maintaining relationships, and proactively addressing their needs are paramount to succeeding in these competitive vertical industries. See how organizations can deliver highly customized experiences to customers using customer insights with DataStax Enterprise (DSE).

Why DataStax for Banking and Finance

Deliver engaging, consistent customer experiences across all touchpoints, achieve compliance, and prevent fraud. Only an always-on, real-time, secure database can help financial firms stay ahead of these growing business demands.

Customer Insights, Personalization and Recommendations

Integrated real-time graph, analytics, and search empower financial firms to get a single view of the customer and drive contextually relevant omnichannel experiences and personalized recommendations by connecting transaction, behavior, and geo-location data.

Compliance and Data Security

Linear scalability, masterless architecture, and end-to-end encryption enable financial companies to replicate massive volumes of customer data globally across multiple data centers and safeguard it, allowing them to meet regulatory requirements.

Fraud Prevention

Built-in enterprise-grade security, real-time contextual analysis, and continuous availability allow financial firms to prevent identity theft and identify atypical patterns instantly to stop fraud in the moment or even before it happens.

Finance Leaders Implementing DSE

Nine of the top 15 global banks use DataStax Enterprise.

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