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DataStax & Banking
The Future of Finance is “Right Now”
Innovate and Accelerate with The Data Management Platform
of Choice for 9 of the Top 15 Global Banks
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Capitalize on the data-driven “right-now” economy with engaging, scalable,
secure applications built on the data management platform trusted by the world’s
leading banks. Leverage an always-on data platform for your banking applications.
Grow market share
By improving customer experience
through a holistic view of interactions,
trends, and relationships to deliver
real-time personalized engagement and
Drive greater efficiency 
& innovation
By leveraging products, services,
training, and a robust partner ecosystem to
build and manage powerful cloud
applications while eliminating complexity.
Mitigate risk
By gaining real-time visibility into
contextual data on customers,
interactions, and intrusions to proactively
manage compliance and security and
prevent financial crimes.
“We looked at the experience consumers receive from popular social media sites, search engines and video and music streaming services, and saw an opportunity to use leading edge technology to bring the same personalized and intuitive experience to banking.”

Luis Uguina
Chief Digital Officer for Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services Group

Identify growth and customer retention opportunities

Scale with new demands and relieve strain on legacy systems

Provide around-the-clock availability for customers

Provide data sovereignty

Reduce complexity
to speed up time to market

Mitigate risk, detect fraud,
and ensure compliance

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