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DataStax wins 2016 microsoft ISV partner award
DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and Microsoft Azure: The hybrid cloud database built for real-time apps
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“At Microsoft we’re focused on enabling customers to run their businesses more productively and
successfully, as more organizations build their critical business applications in the cloud, DataStax has proved
to be a natural Azure partner through their ability to enable enterprises to build solutions that can scale across
thousands of servers which is necessary in today’s hyper-scale cloud environment.”
Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President
Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft.
DataStax Enterprise a distributed database platform to develop and deploy cloud applications spanning private and public clouds
DataStax Enterprise (DSE) on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform enables enterprises to develop and deploy cloud applications spanning private and public clouds with the following benefits:

Geographically Distributed
DSE allows you to add storage or transaction capacity by adding nodes to a cluster. Our customers can immediately grow the cluster across Azure’s global data centers as you expand your application to reach new markets, while simplifying legal compliance with geographic data distribution laws.
Continuously Available
DSE’s masterless architecture offers no single point of failure. DSE also provides maximum flexibility to distribute data where it’s needed most by replicating data across multiple data centers, the cloud and mixed cloud/on-premise environments.
Hybrid deployment
Easily move DSE workloads between data centers, service providers and Azure, and build hybrid applications that leverage resources across all three.
Operationally Mature for the Enterprise.
Easily develop, deploy, manage and monitor database clusters by eliminating data management complexities with automated services and comprehensive tools for administrators, training, expert support and advanced database security capabilities.
Low-Latency Response
DSE is so fast that you don’t need an independent caching layer, reducing system complexity and cost. By deploying DSE in a locally available Azure datacenter, you can be assured record response time for improved customer experience.
Linearly Scalable
Predictably scale to meet the current and future data needs of cloud applications by evenly adding and distributing nodes across datacenters without impacting performance.
Immediately Decisive
DSE’s full range of data manipulation capabilities provides data ingestion and interrogation across transactional, analytical, and searchable formats - tightly integrated into a single system on an Azure datacenter. This enables your business to be immediately decisive and provide unmatched customer experience and satisfaction.
“As a leader in providing information and insight in critical areas that shape today’s business landscape,
we knew it was critical to transform our back-end business processes to address scale and flexibility. With
DataStax Enterprise on Azure we are now able to create a next generation big data application to support
the decision-making process of our customers across the globe.” Read the full press release.
Graham Lammers, Director
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DataStax Recognized as Winner for 2016 Microsoft Alliance Global Commercial ISV Partner

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