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Astra Pricing Calculator

Tell us a little about your needs and we'll estimate your costs

1. Describe Your Data

Choose General Purpose unless you ONLY have Time Series or Immutable data.
General Purpose
CPU Optimized Fault Tolerant Clusters with Dedicated Resources
Time Series or Immutable
Storage optimized Apache Cassandra workloads with dedicated resources

2. Describe Your Performance Requirements

Estimate the required application response time and total Transactions Per Second that you require.

*NOTE: These estimates are very conservative

<5,000 TPS

3. How Much Data Will You Have?

Provide the total capacity of your dataset without considering Cassandra replication:
0.5 TB

4. How Many Global Data Centers Will You Need?

You may choose to replicate your database globally. Each region can accept reads AND writes and the database will keep itself synchronized. Choose the number of data centers you'll need in each region. Choose from one to three Data Centers in total.

*Multi-Region pricing includes 1.25TB of data egress (data syncing) per month, excess data egress is charged at the following:

$0.03/GB for data originating in AWS US and EMEA and GCP NA
$0.11/GB for data originating from any other cloud/data center.

Pricing Calculations

Compute Size
Gen. Purpose
Response Time
Data Centers (NA)
Data Centers (APAC)