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Astra DB + Stargate

Astra DB includes Stargate, an open-source, data API gateway that sits between your application and the database.

Every database you create automatically has gRPC, GraphQL, REST, a Document (schemaless JSON) API, alongside native driver (CQL) coordinators. As your traffic scales, Stargate automatically scales.

Benefits of Stargate

Connect to the database easily

Eliminate installing and upgrading drivers, or relying on unsupported drivers

Empower your developers

Use the API that your team is most familiar with and reduce your learning curve

Focus on your business

Eliminate the burden of maintaining your own data access/abstraction layer

gRPC Logo


Combining driver-level performance with a cloud native approach, Stargate’s gRPC clients offer new options for your microservices or applications when interacting with Astra DB. It’s easier to learn than drivers since gRPC automatically handles networking and operations tasks, it’s a simpler API. Now you can get out of the business of creating, maintaining or using unsupported drivers with our clients for Go, Node.js, Rust and Java. And you can keep up with the rapid development of new front end technologies by easily creating clients on your own without the complexity of driver development.

gRPC Astra Console


GraphQL allows users to query multiple tables in one call and retrieve only the data needed. It reduces ‘overfetching’ and ‘underfetching’ common with other APIs such as REST. The GraphQL API enables fine-grained manipulation of JSON data by enabling direct interaction with specific key-value pairs within the document.Work with GraphQL in schema-first, or CQL-first modes. And because GraphQL can query not just multiple databases but multiple data stores, GraphQL opens up the possibility of federating data from multiple sources.

GraphQL ExampleCreate a free-tier database and view the connect screen to recreate the simple video above.


The standard bearer for APIs because it’s mature and universally known, most developers already know the RESTful commands to interact with Astra DB. They can use familiar verbs; GET, PUT, POST and DELETE to create a new table, schema, index, add and retrieve data or work with an existing table. Great when you don’t have a supported gRPC client or driver for your language or language version.

REST API PreviewSee for yourself in less than 5 minutes by launching a Sample App in Astra’s Free Tier.


The schemaless Document API provides enormous flexibility to work with JSON documents/models. It automatically creates the schema on-the-fly to accommodate any type of JSON structure. Powerful search capabilities allow you to search within a specific document or across the entire collection. Fetch the full JSON document or a subdocument from any collection. Leverage this API with storage attached indexes to support a wide range of query patterns for unmatched development agility. Got structured or semi-structured data?  JSON schema is also supported to improve testability, data validation and API documentation.

Document API

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