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Search has never been so easy. Or integrated.
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DSE Enterprise (DSE) Search is an integral part of the always-on
DataStax Enterprise data platform. Powered by the best distribution of
Apache Cassandra™, DSE Search gives your critical applications an
always-on, secure, distributed, effortlessly scalable foundation.
DSE Search is a high-performance indexing engine
with powerful search capabilities for your DSE cluster.
DSE Search allows you to quickly find data and
provide that modern search experience for your
users, helping you create features like product
catalogs, document repositories, ad-hoc reporting
engines, and whatever else you can think of.
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DSE Search
DSE Search includes powerful indexing and search capabilities. With DSE Search, you can easily index data
in real time and perform queries over large data sets. DSE Search includes support for all of the native data
types of Apache Cassandra™, including user-defined types and nested collections. DSE Search also adds
indexing support for geospatial data and full-text search, a compelling function enabling immediate insights for
use cases such as complex user behavior analysis and fraud detection. DSE Search uses the Cassandra
Query Language (CQL) as the common query language with DSE transactional Cassandra workloads.
Leveraging smart workload isolation function in DSE, you can run transactional, DSE
Search, and DSE Analytics workloads in the same database.
Live Indexing
With live indexing you don’t have to wait. Your users can search data immediately
after insertion. It’s like live music, but better.
Full DSE Integration
Leverage DSE Search with the rest of the DSE data platform to provide linear scale,
continuous availability with zero downtime and native real-time multi-datacenter
replication. DSE Search intelligently partitions your data across the cluster to avoid
hot spots, evenly distribute load, and route queries to provide the responsiveness that
your application requires.
Analytics and Graph Support
DSE Search also integrates with DSE
and DSE Analytics to
allow you to take full advantage of its indexing
and query capabilities. With DSE Search, you
can explore relationships between records
and create hierarchies of documents, or
write targeted queries from within analytics
jobs so that reports complete in seconds
instead of hours.
“DataStax Enterprise and Microsoft Azure help us
collect, validate, and distribute almost a full terabyte of
content and convert it to value for our customers.”
– Graham Lammers, Director Product Development and Delivery, IHS Markit
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DataStax Enterprise is powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™.

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