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Built for distributed, real-time applications that need to easily search data quickly and easily at cloud scale.

Integrated Graph And Analytics

DSE Search integrated with graph and real-time analytics allows you to explore relationships between records, write targeted queries, and reduce query response time to gain valuable insights about your users and applications within seconds instead of hours.

Automatic Query Routing

DSE Search automatically routes requests to the best-performing and most capable nodes, ensuring lightning-fast search response times and super-efficient search.

CQL-Based Search

The easy-to-use Cassandra Query Language (CQL) allows users to easily modify their index configuration and schema and utilize a single mechanism (CQL and DataStax Drivers) to interact with DSE Search, which reduces the application development time and accelerates time-to-market and data queries.

Implementing Search in Web, Mobile and IoT Applications

Nearly every web, mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) application has search functionality that helps its users locate the information they want. Depending on the industry and need, the search requirements for an application may be very simple or astonishingly complex. While the need for...

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Search In Action

See the full demo example here.

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Document MetaData Search using Tika and DSEFS

Document MetaData Search using Tika and DSEFS

DSEFS (DataStax Enterprise file system) is a fault-tolerant, general-purpose, distributed file system within DataStax Enterprise. DSEFS is similar to HDFS, but avoids the deployment complexity and single point of failure typical of HDFS.

In this example, we load all the documents in a directory into DSEFS while extracting the metadata for indexing into DSE Search. First we query the data in DSE using cqlsh.

Document MetaData Search using Tika and DSEFS

Document MetaData Search using Tika and DSEFS

To then query for a particular word in the document we simply amend the initial query.

Key Features

Real-Time Indexing

High write throughput and low latency let you search data immediately after insertion.


Enjoy full-text search with continuous availability, linear scale, and geo-distribution backed by automatic index management, replicas, and repairs.


Get end-to-end encryption of all client/server queries, inter-node traffic, and at-rest indexed data.


DSE Advanced Performance: Apache Cassandra™ Goes Turbo

Today, we are very excited to unveil some of the most critical performance...

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