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Over 500 customers across 50 countries use the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) platform to deliver the functionality, tooling, certification and support required to power cloud applications. At the core of DSE is a professionally tested and certified version of Apache Cassandra™ designed to support your applications at scale. DataStax offers three subscription options: DSE Basic, DSE Standard, and DSE Max. Each option provide a different set of features and capabilities depending on your database needs.

DSE Basic is for do-it-yourself deployments and consists only of production-certified Apache Cassandra and Support.

With DSE Standard, you gain important enterprise functionality needed for production deployments including enterprise-class security, tiered storage, and advanced monitoring, management services and tools designed to support your mission critical applications.

For those building intelligent, data-intensive cloud applications, DSE Max offers advanced features such as indexing, search, in-memory and real-time analytics designed to help you bring transformative products to market quickly.

Both DSE Standard and Max may be upgraded to make DSE a full multi-model platform that includes support for graph workloads with DSE Graph.

Free For Non-Production Use

DataStax Enterprise is available as a free trial for up to 6 months of non-production use. You can download DSE today without restrictions and begin development. If you need pre-production support, DataStax offers discounted pricing that provides you access to the foremost experts in Apache Cassandra a and large scale distributed systems. Note: This does not apply to companies in the DataStax Startup Program.

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DataStax Enterprise is powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™.

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