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Vector Search for Real-world Gen AI 

Astra DB vector is the only vector database for building production-level AI applications on real-time data. Now available for public preview!

Build accurate AI with real-time data and streaming.

Astra DB vector is for mixed workloads with vector, non-vector, and streaming data.

Only Astra DB vector gives you simultaneous query/update with ultra-low latency.

Build accurate AI with real-time data and streaming.

Deploy production-level security and compliance.

Protect users and data with the depth enterprise security features and compliance certifications for production AI.

Standalone vector databases were designed for simple applications and workloads - not for enterprise-scale requirements.

Deploy production-level security and compliance.

Developer-friendly APIs, pricing and community support.

Code today and launch tomorrow with vector-native APIs and ecosystem integrations.

Astra DB gives developers the industry’s most generous developer plans, APIs, community support, and choice of deployment options.

Developer-friendly APIs, pricing and community support.

“Finding specific policies and operating procedures is time-consuming and challenging due to scattered storage across various platforms. Using Astra DB's vector search capabilities, SkyPoint can leverage these benefits to enhance its services, offering users real-time, contextual, and personalized solutions. This leads to accurate predictions and personalized healthcare outcomes at a lower cost.”

Tisson Mathew
Founder & CEO at SkyPoint AI


Build real-time, Generative AI Apps on the most proven, most powerful database

Get hands-on experience with actual code examples and the opportunity to try it out on your local machine.

CREATE TABLE my_vectors (my_id text PRIMARY KEY, my_vector vector<float, 3>);

Vector crash course with Ania Kubow

Build a chatbot with LangChain, Open AI and Astra DB chatbot.

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Generate real-time AI applications with Vector Search, empowered by advanced Language Models (LLMs) and Chat AI Agents.


Enhance your AI/ML applications and ecosystem with contextual data insights and automations.

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Build your generative AI app today on Astra DB

Harness the most proven, powerful database for scale and performance to build real-time gen AI projects.