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A podcast Series With Chet Kapoor

Season 3 · Episode 0

Inspired Execution Season 3: Build your own Playbook for Success

Chet Kapoor kicks off the newest season of Inspired Execution with an introduction to his Inspired Leadership Principles, which will help guide the conversations with our awesome guests. Follow along with Season 3 and use the insights from each episode to build your own playbook for success.

Published October 12th, 2021  |  3:30 Runtime

Episode Host

Chet Kapoor

Chet Kapoor

Chairman and CEO of DataStax

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Episode Transcript

Narrator: Inspired Execution, hosted by DataStax Chairman and CEO, Chet Kapoor, follows the journeys of leaders from the world’s largest enterprises and fastest-growing startups.

Chet Kapoor: Hello - I’m Chet Kapoor and you’re listening to the Inspired Execution Podcast. Thank you for joining us for Season 3! IEP follows the journeys of leaders from the world’s most recognized brands. This season, I’ll be joined by phenomenal guests from Adobe, Google, US Bank, MGM’s Orion Pictures, Asana, and many more. You will hear their unique perspectives, challenges they’ve overcome, and the advice they’d give to younger versions of themselves/

I’m also excited to introduce a theme for every episode. These themes are based on something that we use internally at DataStax called Inspired Leadership. Inspired Leadership is a set of principles that I’ve developed over the last 20+ years and is deeply personal to me We will focus on 6 of them for this season.

Chet Kapoor: One - It all starts with obsessing over your customers. You have to understand their needs and take an outside-in approach. It comes down to solving urgent and real problems for them. And most importantly, partnering together. Two - Think big and focus on results. Have a bias for action. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Well, execution eats both for lunch. At the end of the day, it comes down to outcomes. 

Three - Speed matters most of the time. Use data and instincts to make decisions thoughtfully and quickly. And don’t let the fear of failure get in the way of speed. It’s okay to change a decision if the new data shows a better option. Focus on building momentum every day. Four - Innovate and simplify everything. Using innovation to take things that work well and improving them in unexpected ways. Most people think innovation happens on products. Actually, innovation happens everywhere. 

Five - Diversity and inclusion matter. We have to build teams that represent the communities we serve, hiring people with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and skills. Remember, diversity and inclusion make all of us better. Lastly, six - Operate at all levels. Stay connected to the details and validate frequently. Remember there’s no task beneath you. You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves 

Chet Kapoor: Following these principles has helped me do what I love most… bring teams together to execute on one mission. Our guests have AWESOME stories, from building & sustaining multi-billion dollar businesses to producing award-winning films. Whether you’re a coach, individual contributor, entrepreneur, or student, I believe you’ll take away perspectives you can use in your career and your personal life. We’re hoping that you follow along and feel inspired on your journey to success. Please subscribe and share any feedback you may have with And happy listening!

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