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Efficient inventory management is key to success in most industries. No matter what you sell, you need to be able to track it and answer queries both simple and complex.

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Cost of unsold stock to the US retail industry per year



Percentage of US GDP tied up in inventory



Cost of holding inventory as a percentage of the inventory’s value

Increase Revenue, Improve Customer Satisfaction, and Reduce Costs

Improve bottom-line results and customer satisfaction by eliminating stockouts, optimizing purchasing, automating order replenishment, limiting order errors, and reducing capital tied to slow-moving inventory.

Distributed and Always On

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Easily control your data’s distribution and replication across nodes and data centers.

Contextual and Real Time

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Know what's in stock, what's needed, and what your shoppers will want next.


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Have linearly scalable performance you can actually rely on.

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Learn How Our Customer Transformed Their Inventory Management with DataStax

IHS Markit provides insight and services to Fortune 500 enterprises across business lines, including aerospace, automotive, energy, and technology. The IHS Markit technology line delivers full lifecycle services, analytics, and data—from silicon fabrication and consumer-connected devices to enterprise IT, medical devices, manufacturing automation, and a teardown and cost modeling practice. Learn how IHS Markit used DataStax and Microsoft Azure to transform its inventory management.

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See how customers are using DataStax to revolutionize how they use data and lead the wave of disruption in their industries.

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