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Inventory Management

Home goods, concert tickets, equipment parts.
Whatever you need, availability is everything.
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Products, goods, services. No matter what you sell, you need the data behind it
to be reliable. Reliable for adding items to a shopping cart, understanding stock
requirements, or driving that next huge sale. Today, it’s all connected, driven by
data and your ability to use that data for user engagement and
employee efficiency.
Why DataStax?
Effortless Scale
DataStax Enterprise gives you linearly scalable
performance you can actually rely on. It’s as
easy as pushing a button to increase throughput
with predictable low-latency performance. Perfect
for that new product launch in Europe,
or a holiday sale.
Always On
Easily control your data’s distribution and
replication across nodes and even multiple data
centers, cloud regions, or hybrid environments,
staying ready to remain online during failures.
Instant Insight
Know what's in stock, what's needed, and
what your shoppers will want next. Take
advantage of a complete analytics and
search solution in a single, powerful
data platform – all in real time.
Unlimit Your Potential
Inventory can be used in various ways, from internally to
the hands of your customers. Give your data the flexible,
nimble foundation it needs to be able to keep up with the
exploding number of inventory uses.
Capture Your Opportunities
The success of your company hinges on the ability to
sell your company’s goods. It’s kind of a big deal.
Any downtime, even poor performance, will negatively
impact your sales. Can you afford to go down?
Analyze What’s Next
Your inventory should be handled with care. People count
on it. Your customers want personalized recommendations,
and your employees need help making sure everything is
well stocked. These interactions all count on data. Make
sure you have the tools to capitalize.
“With DataStax Enterprise, our
customers around the world
are able to take any course
any time through our
on-demand model.”

– Daniel Chia, Software Engineer, Coursera
DataStax Enterprise Features You’ll Want
Apache Cassandra
The industry’s best distribution of the
Apache Cassandra database powers all
of DataStax Enterprise - giving your
data layer a continuously available,
linearly scalable foundation.
DSE Search
Leverage your identity management data to let your users search their authorized purchases however they like.
Advanced Replication
Advanced replication can be perfect
for retail companies. Use it to deploy
a central hub to many local retail
spokes, reducing costs and allowing
you to store data where you need it.
How to get started
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