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Real-time analysis, for real-time protection
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Whether it’s trying to get to the source of a major network attack or detecting an
intrusion happening right now, security use cases consume massive amounts of
data and require a solid but nimble data foundation.

Your ability to successfully identify and analyze threats is key to minimizing
damage and saving the day, or even your company.
Why DataStax?
Always On
Survive node, rack, or even whole data center
failures with continuous availability. Easily control
your data’s distribution and replication across
nodes and even multiple data centers, cloud
regions, or hybrid cloud environments.
Effortlessly Scalable
Easily support petabytes of data or
billions of graph vertices to allow for
any security use case scale.
Get all the tools you need to maximize what you
can do with your data. Build on the relationships
between your data for enhanced analysis of
network breaches or other security issues.
Challenges You’ll Face
Continuous Availability for
Continuous Security
You and your customers need an app you can rely on.
Relational systems can go down easily, and any failure
is a security risk.
Finding the Answer
You need to get to the root of the problem. With the
immense volume of data flowing in at all times, this can
be hard. Being able to analyze your data is crucial to
identifying and fixing the problem as soon as possible.
Growing Your Business
The amount of channels and data that you will need to
be successful is only growing. You need a solution that
can keep up with the changes in your company - and
the world.
Security that Scales
“ProtectWise offers our customers a new utility model for security, powering real-time, retrospective and automated threat detection for enterprise, cloud and industrial control environments — delivered entirely from the cloud, powered by DataStax."

DataStax Enterprise tools you’ll need
Apache Cassandra
The industry’s best version of the
Apache Cassandra database powers all
of DataStax Enterprise, giving your data
layer a continuously available, linearly
scalable foundation.
Advanced Security
Ensure user security with industry standard authentication mechanisms, role-based authentication, user activity auditing, and end-to-end encryption.
DSE Graph
Discover relationships between data
to quickly identify intruders and
out-of-the-ordinary patterns.
Perfect for network management or
behavior analysis.
Users of DataStax for Security
Learn from an Expert
Have questions? Get the answers first-hand from DataStax engineers that build, manage, and scale distributed systems.

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