CompanyDecember 17, 2019

We’ve Got Your Back: DataStax Luna Is Here!

Simple, subscription-based support for Apache Cassandra®
Manikandan Srinivasan
Manikandan Srinivasan
We’ve Got Your Back: DataStax Luna Is Here!

Have you ever gotten that call in the middle of the night because your production cluster is down? Have you ever gotten stuck trying to optimize your Cassandra cluster configurations? Have you ever hit a Cassandra performance issue that you couldn’t resolve on your own? Are you ready to say goodbye to sifting through forums to find answers that may or may not be helpful? If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in luck. We’ve got you covered!

We’re excited to introduce DataStax Luna, subscription-based support for open source Apache Cassandra from the experts who authored the majority of the Cassandra code. 

Luna subscribers will get support with general-purpose and technical questions for their open source Cassandra deployments, and if an issue is encountered, DataStax is there to help. Luna supports Cassandra versions 2.1, 2.2, and 3.x and has subscription plans that are designed to fit your business and technical needs.

You can subscribe to Luna today, pay with a credit card directly through our website, and get up and running with support from DataStax in minutes. It’s that simple.

We are excited to also announce DataStax Apache Kafka® Connector and DataStax Bulk Loader for Cassandra to help make loading and unloading data faster and easier. Read about these free tools in this blog post.

Ready for a Different Kind of Support Plan?

Get simple, self-service support for your open source Cassandra today. 

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