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The DataStax Services Starter Package is designed to help new DataStax Enterprise customers accelerate their DataStax Enterprise journey. It includes up to: 15 days of consulting services, 1 day of DataStax Enterprise Education, up to 15 vouchers for certifications for individual developers and 3 days with a DataStax Engagement Manager.

DataStax will assist Customer with some of the following activities (the services delivery will be tailored based on input from Customer):


Engagement Management:

  • Facilitate Executive Team updates
  • Clarify goals, timelines, risks, logistics for the engagement
  • Manage progress against plan
  • Manage issues, risks, and provide mitigation actions
  • Map business objectives to technical requirements
  • Additional scoping to help to achieve project timelines and SLA’s


Project Kickoff:

  • Plan the engagement and prioritize tasks
  • Review success criteria and project phases
  • Review of the overall system architecture and see where DataStax (DSE) fits with a focus on data flow (in and out of DSE)
  • Use Case review and discussion: type of data, payload size, expected throughput per dataset, data retention, replication factor, consistency requirements
  • Business requirements review.



  • Feature usage review
  • HW review:
    • Infrastructure
    • Disk performance evaluation
  • Orchestration strategy
  • System architecture: Spark streaming, Batch processing, OLTP, OLAP
  • DSE topology definition for each environment
    • DC layouts and node placement
    • # nodes per DC
    • Racks
    • vnodes configuration
  • Data model workshop: deep dive on 2 tables.
  • Security: authentication and authorization


Enterprise Education:

  • For enterprises that are new to DataStax Enterprise or for new project teams within limited DataStax Enterprise experience, a DataStax Enterprise Coach will provide up to 8 hours (1 day) of guidance for the enterprise around best practices and engagement with DataStax educational materials and certification preparation based on an enterprise’s use case and knowledge of DataStax Enterprise or Apache Cassandra
  • Includes a voucher for either Developer or Administrator Certifications for up to 15 individual developers


Development Best Practices:

  • Driver setup: driver version, workload configuration (v2), driver configuration best practices.
  • DAO: statements best practices (prepared, predicates, QueryBuilder), object mapper, synchronous vs asynchronous programming vs reactive programming best practices. Assist with the implementation of at least one full DAO
  • CI workshop: functional testing for C* best practices. Assist with the functional test of at least one DAO and data model.
  • CD workshop: schema management, data migration best practices. Best practices for changing data model on the fly and how to migrate data between data models


Configuring & Testing:

  • Review Cluster configuration and recommend settings according to best practices
  • Test at scale workshop: gatling, ebdse, cassandra-stress, locust. How to test and read results.
  • Tuning workshop: assist tuning cluster based on the most challenging use case. Requires test defined. Run test on the most critical tables.



  • Smoke tests & production readiness tests
  • OpsCenter automated services setup
  • Alerting threshold definition
  • Configuration management
  • Deployment automation overview
  • Ops automation overview


Not in-scope for this package is

  • Hands-on development or configuration
  • Implementation or creation of custom code
  • Implementation of recommendations and best practices



  • Delivery dates will be mutually agreed between DataStax and Customer.
  • DataStax cannot guarantee that all of the activities/recommendations can be completed during the time allotted, but shall complete as many of the activities/recommendations as time permits.
  • Services are prepaid and non-refundable
  • Local travel and expenses are included
  • Unused days expire in accordance with the time period specified in the applicable Order Schedule or 180 days after the Effective Date of the applicable Order Schedule, whichever is earlier.
  • Notwithstanding any other provisions, the Services shall not include any application or code development. Further, while DataStax will make the appropriate recommendations with the information then-available, DataStax cannot make any performance guarantees. DataStax cannot guarantee that all of the recommendations can be completed during the time allotted but will complete as many of the recommendations as time permits. DataStax will provide a separate proposal for any additional time required to complete the outstanding tasks.


See the DataStax Services Terms for complete terms and further information.