Astra Block

Stream real-time, human-readable blockchain data

Run lightning fast queries across Terabytes of blockchain data.

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Build Web3 apps that are off the chain

Focus on building your app! No need to set up nodes, build indexing, and design data models. Jumpstart your project using queryable, enriched blockchain data served by a cloud database service designed for big data.


Why Astra Block?

Real-time, always in sync

Blockchain updates are processed in real-time, as blocks are mined, no more waiting for hourly or daily batch ETL jobs.

Real-time, always in sync

Decoded and

Blockchain data is decoded, enhanced and stored in human-readable format, accessible via standard CQL database queries.

Decoded and\\human-readable

No more indexing or node operations

No need to run nodes or complex ETL jobs. Work off-chain at subsecond speeds, no matter the length of the chain.

No more indexing or node operations

Sample Code

See Astra Block in action with our NFT explorer or block explorer sample apps.

NFT Explorer

Built using React and Next JS, the NFT Explorer gives the user a complete view of NFTs supported on the Ethereum Blockchain that have been minted or transferred in real-time.

  • Search every NFT every created in seconds
  • Pull the transfer history of an NFT in a single API call
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Blockchain Explorer

Like the NFT Explorer, this industry-first, open-source Ethereum Blockchain Data Explorer pulls all of the blockchain data from Astra DB and gives the user a real-time view of the latest blocks that have been mined, along with the latest Ethereum transactions.

  • Pull historical gas price by block number
  • Pull the # of ERC20 transfers by block number
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Sample Code



Query for NFTs by contract address

Learn how to query for NFTs by contract address. No need to decode data or query the metadata URI. All data is sanitized, ready for your app.

contract_address= "0x6C9343CA5c2Ef3a35a"


How do I get access?

Request access by filling out the form above.

Does the dataset update in real-time?

You can access two different datasets:

  • Sample Ethereum dataset of 1,000 blocks of data
  • Ethereum data feed that updates in real-time once a block is mined

How can I build an application with this dataset?

You can get started by connecting your application to Astra DB with drivers or utilizing our Stargate APIs.

Do I get access to monthly credits?

Yes, you will still have access to $25 in credit that comes with Astra DB.

Blockchain in Action

“With DataStax we are able to store and analyse big data sets rapidly to meet our analytics requirements without the burden of managing infrastructure or writing in-house ETL pipelines. Astra Block removes much of the complexity that comes with collecting and storing unbounded blockchain datasets to power real time analytics workloads”

Elie Hamouche

"Astra Block empowered the Data and Metrics team at OlympusDAO to prototype new KPIs and dashboards with nearly zero effort. This helps us drive our decisions in increasingly better informed ways."

Data Engineering Lead at OlympusDAO