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DataStax Enterprise Analytics
Ad hoc. Real-time streaming. Big data batch. Yes - all true.
DSE Analytics is an integral part of the DataStax Enterprise data platform.
The entire platform is powered by the industry’s best distribution of 
Apache Cassandra™, giving your business-critical applications an always-on,
secure, distributed, and effortlessly scalable foundation.
DSE Analytics enables both real-time and batch
operational analytics so you can easily process real-time
streams of data, build out personalized digital
applications that require always-on analytics, and
generate ad-hoc reports. This flexibility facilitates any
operational analytical task, be it to manage sensor data
processing for real-time traffic monitoring, or
transforming your real-time data to fuel other advanced
analytics and improve your ongoing BI reporting.
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DSE Analytics
Integrated into DSE is the industry standard Apache Spark™ large-scale data processing engine. 
The integration with Spark enables an active and vibrant ecosystem of tools for accelerated application
development. DSE Analytics builds upon the functionality found in Apache Spark to eliminate single
points of failure, deliver blazing performance, and enable real-time search, analytics, and graph
capabilities present in DSE.
Unified Platform for
Operational Analytics
DSE Analytics is your one-stop shop for fast data
ingestion, transformation, advanced analytics, and data
persistence. Built on top of Apache Spark engine, DSE
Analytics allows you to easily stream data to or from
existing data, including Apache Hadoop™, HDFS,
Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, and external Apache Spark™
clusters. With DSE Analytics, you have access to
many advanced analytics functionalities via integration
with Spark SQL, Spark’s MLlib, and Spark®. DSEFS - a
distributed, fault-tolerant, HDFS compatible file system
included in DSE Analytics - allows you to persist data
needed for additional and future needs.
Mixed Workload Support
With Spark being the underlying processing engine, DSE Analytics supports both
online transactional (OLTP), real-time search, and online analytics (OLAP)
workloads on the same platform. DSE Analytics ensures no data movement
between different workloads to minimize performance impact, while seamlessly
allowing transactional data to be immediately available for analytics workloads.
As an integral part of DataStax Enterprise, DSE Analytics supports multiple data
models, including key-value, JSON, Tabular, and graph all on the same platform.
Instant Insights
With DataStax Enterprise at its foundation to provide real-time performance on
the data management layer, DSE Analytics brings significant performance
enhancement to its Spark engine to drive real-time insights and actions via
machine BI. With DSE Analytics, transactional data and other streaming data are
immediately available for search and advanced analytics, enabling faster decision
making and response.
“With transaction, analytics and search all in the same cluster, we can
quickly find and analyze workloads of any size quickly without taxing
compute resources.”
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DataStax Enterprise is powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™.

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