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Using real-time data to make faster, more informed decisions
An integral part of DataStax Enterprise (DSE), DSE Analytics empowers enterprises with streaming and batch operational analytics to deliver real-time, personalized applications that empower businesses and customers to make faster and more informed decisions.
DSE Analytics enables both real-time and batch operational analytics so you can easily process real-time data and historical data to build instantly responsive, contextual, always-on applications and generate ad-hoc reports. Be it to processing sensor data for real-time traffic monitoring or transforming your real-time data to fuel other advanced analytics and improve your ongoing BI reporting, DSE Analytics provides you the flexibility to transform all of your meaningful data into action — at cloud scale.
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DSE Analytics
Built on a production-certified version of the industry standard Apache Spark™, DSE Analytics allows you to easily stream data to or from existing databases, including Apache Hadoop™, HDFS, S3, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, and external Apache Spark clusters. DSE Analytics builds upon the functionality found in Apache Spark to eliminate single points of failure, deliver faster performance over open source, and enable DSE’s real-time search, analytics, and graph capabilities.
DSE Analytics Solo
DSE Analytics Solo is an add-on option to DSE that allows for the creation of a distinct data center or cluster dedicated to operational analytics, effectively separating compute from storage. With DSE Analytics Solo, you can gain all the benefits of DSE Analytics - including the highly-available Spark resource manager and fault-tolerant DSEFS file system - while adding the flexibility to deploy your analytics into a standalone datacenter or cluster and connect to an existing DSE datacenter to store and interact with transactional data.
Unified Platform for Operational Analytics
DSE Analytics is your one-stop shop for fast data ingestion, transformation, advanced analytics, and data persistence. With DSE Analytics, you also have access to many advanced analytics functionalities via integration with Spark SQL, Spark’s ML and MLlib, and SparkR. Furthermore, DSEFS — a continuously-available, distributed, HDFS compatible file system included in DSE Analytics — provides you with the flexibility of storing data in a distributed file system for analytics processing in addition to DSE’s foundational database.
Mixed Workload Support
DSE Analytics supports online transactional (OLTP), real-time search, and online analytics (OLAP) workloads — all on the same platform. DSE Analytics ensures no competition for data and compute resources in different workloads to minimize performance impact while seamlessly allowing transactional data to be immediately available for analytics workloads.
“With transaction, analytics and search all in the same cluster, we can
quickly find and analyze workloads of any size quickly without taxing
compute resources.”
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