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DataStax Enterprise Analytics

Always On Analytics


Always On Analytics

Highly available end-user analytics through Spark SQL via ODBC/JDBC.


Workload Isolation

Predictable analytics with isolation of operational and analytics workloads - same data, same cluster, but with no competition for data or compute resources.


Faster Operational Analytics

3X faster to retrieve data from open-source Apache Cassandra™ using DSE Spark connector than using open-source Apache Spark™.

Gain Real-time Insights to Make Faster, More Informed Decisions

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Analytics, built on a production-certified version of Apache Spark™, with enhanced capabilities like AlwaysOn SQL and highly available Spark resource manager, enables enterprises to build real-time, contextual applications to make highly relevant, in-the-moment decisions.

Be it to process streaming and historical data or to improve your ongoing BI reporting, DSE Analytics gives you the flexibility to transform all your meaningful data into action — at cloud scale.


Get started on DSE Analytics using this free course on DataStax Academy.

DSE Analytics

Deliver real-time analytics at scale with no single point of failure.


Create Personalized Experiences

Integrated real-time analytics, search, and graph capabilities allow you to provide context-rich experiences.


Deliver Real-time Insights

Ingest, transform, and process data instantly, so you can derive insights to act now.


Gain a 360-Degree Customer View

Process both real-time and batch data to get a comprehensive view of your customers.

DSE Analytics Solo

DSE Analytics Solo, an add-on option to DSE, allows for the creation of a standalone data center or cluster dedicated to operational analytics, effectively separating compute from storage.


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Introducing DSE Analytics Solo.

Read this blog to learn more about DSE Analytics Solo, an add-on option to DSE.

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Clear Capital Case Study.

Read this case study to learn how Clear Capital delivers around-the-clock appraisals with DSE Analytics.

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DataStax Enterprise

The always-on, active everywhere hybrid cloud database built on Apache Cassandra™

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