DataStax Enterprise Analytics

Make Decisions When You Need To: Now

Deliver real-time analytics at scale with no single point of failure.

Create Personalized Experiences

Integrated real-time analytics, search, and graph capabilities allow you to provide context-rich experiences.

Deliver Real-Time Insights

Ingest, transform, and process data instantly, so you can derive insights to act now.

Gain A 360-Degree Customer View

Process both real-time and batch data to get a comprehensive view of your customers.

Introducing AlwaysOn SQL for DSE Analytics

With DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6 we have introduced AlwaysOn SQL, a new, highly-available, secure SQL service for analytical queries. This service will allow BI, ETL, and other tools to connect via the standard ODBC and JDBC protocols to analyze data in DSE, including tabular data from the database...

What’s New for DataStax Enterprise Analytics 6

An always-on, distributed cloud database needs non-stop analytics to manage workflows, derive insights, and enable analysis for business applications and business analysts. With that in mind, for this release we focused our attention for DSE Analytics on nonstop availability and ease-of...

Analytics In Action

DSE Analytics Solo

DSE Analytics Solo

DSE Analytics Solo datacenters do not store any database or search data, but are strictly used for analytics processing. This helps to dedicate processing power to pure analysis of your real-time applications.

In this example scenario, there is an existing datacenter, DC1 which has existing database data. Create a new DSE Analytics Solo datacenter, DC2, which does not store any data but will perform analytics jobs using the database data from DC1.

DSE Analytics Solo

DSE Analytics Solo

Add nodes to a new datacenter named DC2, then enable Analytics on those nodes.

Then, configure the dse_leases and dse_analytics keyspaces to replicate to both DC1 and DC2.

DSE Analytics Solo

DSE Analytics Solo

When submitting Spark applications specify the --master URL with the name or IP address of a node in the DC2 datacenter, and set the spark.cassandra.connection.local_dc configuration option to DC1.

Always On Analytics

Highly available end-user analytics through Spark SQL via ODBC/JDBC.

Workload Isolation

Predictable analytics with the isolation of operational and analytics workloads - same data, same cluster, but with no competition for data or compute resources.

Faster Operational Analytics

3X faster to retrieve data from open-source Apache Cassandra™ using DSE Spark connector than using open-source Apache Spark™.


DataStax Enterprise Analytics

Built on a production-certified version of Apache Spark™ and with integrated search and graph capabilities, DSE Analytics provides highly available, production-ready analytics that enables enterprises to securely build instantly responsive, contextual, always-on applications and generate ad-hoc reports. Read this white paper to learn about the specific features and capabilities of DSE Analytics, and why DSE Analytics is designed for the Right-Now Enterprise.

Introducing AlwaysOn SQL for DSE Analytics

With DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6 we have introduced AlwaysOn SQL, a new, highly-available, secure SQL service for analytical queries.

Two Accelerate Talks Certain to Cause ‘Sparks’

There are going to be so many amazing talks this year at DataStax Accelerate. But one of the talks I’m particularly excited for is “To Spark or Not to Spark” by Russell Spitzer.


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