Astra DB for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart devices in our homes, offices, transportation, factories, and stores are redefining the data economy by generating data at a massive scale.


Why Astra DB for IoT?

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Scale efficiently for the billions of smart connected 'things'

Astra DB is a pay-as-you-go DBaaS which allows you to start with a small database, and grow the database as your IoT applications onboard more devices and data. Astra DB combined with Astra Streaming (Streaming-as-a-Service), provides real-time ingestion, storage and processing for IoT data. Astra DB allows you to easily manage the exponential growth of IoT data and harness the data to increase productivity and operational efficiency.

Easy to build Real-time Data Pipelines for Analytics

CDC (Change Data Capture) for Astra DB, powered by Astra Streaming, allows the creation of real-time data pipelines for analytics. With CDC, data from Astra DB can be immediately sent to Machine Learning (ML) models and data warehouses for near real-time analytics, recommendations and actions.

Multi-model Flexibility for Diverse IoT Data

Since IoT devices are diverse in nature, they generate a wide range of data formats. Astra DB provides multi-model flexibility with Document (JSON), REST, GraphQL and gRPC APIs to accommodate this wide range. Astra Streaming enables management of time-series data and event stream processing. Together, Astra DB and Astra Streaming can provide the data pipelines required to handle any form of real-time IoT data.

IoT Edge to Any Cloud

Astra DB spans across multiple cloud regions and can be deployed in AWS, GCP and Azure. This allows Astra DB to be close to the IoT edge in multiple regions across the world. Astra DB and Astra Streaming also eliminate the overhead of installation and maintenance and there are TCO savings with pay per consumption and universal Astra credits on any cloud.

Architecture for IoT

Astra DB along with Astra Streaming connects data from many IoT sources, allowing you to easily create real-time data pipelines between the edge-based IoT devices and applications, and backend analytics or data warehouses.

Architecture for IoT

Astra DB Example IoT Data Model & Queries

As an example of an IoT application, consider a temperature monitoring device/sensor network with multiple temperature sensors connected to it. Each of the sensors is providing temperature information with timestamps and this information is being reported out via different types of queries.

Here is a visual representation of the temperature sensor and network data model created within Astra DB for the relevant data and queries:

For more information on the temperature sensor network IoT application, please see our data modeling library. Another great resource for guidance about IoT data modeling is Five Data Models for IoT: Managing the Latest IoT Events Based on a State in Apache Cassandra.

Astra DB Example IoT Data Model & Queries

Industry & Customer Success

Astra DB is helping to scale up digital parenting services at Circle. The Circle Parental Controls App helps parents monitor screen and device usage. It provides content management with filtering, blocking, time limits, Pause the Internet(R), bedtimes, and mobile device access. “With Astra DB, you don't have to be a database expert. You just have to watch the introductory video, do the five clicks, and bam, you've got an extremely scalable database with high performance and availability.

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