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Deliver Generative AI applications with a one-stop Generative AI RAG + Vector DB stack that provides 74x faster response time and 20% higher relevance, and is integrated with models OpenAI and Meta, and Azure tools you already love.

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Make RAGs Easier with DataStax, GitHub Copilot, and Azure OpenAI

Discover how developers can chat with their databases and data to build and test queries with natural language through Astra DB in GitHub Copilot.


Why DataStax on Azure?

DataStax empowers you to develop real-time applications, incorporate RAG, and expand to billions of vectors, all with the flexibility of your preferred API, achieving extremely low latency and utilizing top-tier security standards.

With DataStax on Azure, you gain access to cutting-edge generative AI models from OpenAI and Meta, Azure's unparalleled global presence and compliance offerings, along with your preferred tools like Azure Functions, Power Query, and GitHub Copilot.

Up to 20% more relevant vector search results
9x higher throughput
Response times up to 74x faster
Ultra-low latency on billions of vectors

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Finding specific policies and operating procedures is time-consuming and challenging due to scattered storage across various platforms. Using Astra DB's vector search capabilities, SkyPoint can leverage these benefits to enhance its services, offering users real-time, contextual, and personalized solutions. This leads to accurate predictions and personalized healthcare outcomes at a lower cost.”

Tisson Mathew
Founder & CEO, Skypoint

We chose Cassandra because we needed a high-performance data store for our machine learning features store and our real-time order processing features store. Cassandra provides very high throughputs with very low latencies and is almost the de facto standard in this area.”

John Madden
Chief Architect, ACI Worldwide

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GitHub Copilot

Build with Astra DB even faster by conversing with automated code suggestion and by conversing with database via GitHub Copilot.

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Semantic Kernel

Integrate cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs) from OpenAI and Hugging Face with Astra DB using conventional programming languages.

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Azure Functions

Extend DataStax on Azure with a serverless solution to write less code, maintain less infrastructure, and save on costs.

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Power Query

Seamlessly connect hundreds of data sources, transform them with 300+ transformations, and load them into Astra DB.

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Building RAG at Scale with Semantic Kernel and DataStax Astra DB

This demo session from Microsoft Build shows you how we built WikiChat, a RAG-based chatbot for Wikipedia which updates in real time.

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What is Astra DB?

DataStax Astra DB is a cloud-native, scalable Database-as-a-Service built on Apache Cassandra. New vector search capabilities enable complex, context-sensitive searches across diverse data formats for use in Generative AI applications.

How do I run Astra DB on Azure?

To deploy Astra DB on Azure, you can create a new vector database or migrate an existing Cassandra cluster with zero downtime migration.

Is Astra DB free on Azure?

Astra DB has a free tier that’s ideal for trying out the service as you get started. Beyond the free tier, you’re only billed for what you use.

Can I buy Astra DB through Azure?

Yes, Astra DB is available through Azure. There are no minimums and no upfront commitment required; your Astra DB cost will be billed to your Azure account. Get Started


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