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Designed to facilitate Cassandra Query Language (CQL), Graph/Gremlin, and Spark SQL language development, DataStax Studio has all the tools needed for ad hoc queries, visualizing and exploring data sets, profiling performance and comes with a notebook interface that fuels collaboration.


Improve Performance

Query profiling for CQL, Gremlin (Graph) and Spark SQL provides diagnostic information and execution plan details that enable you to tune queries for fast performance.


Visualize Data Sets

Rich data visualizations and numerous output formats enable you to surface insights and interact with your data, and produce publication-quality graphics.


Collaborate with Teammates

Through its shareable notebook interface, DataStax Studio enables collaboration via the ability to create tutorial-style notebooks that can be imported and exported with a click of a button.

DataStax Studio in Action

Syntax Validation and Content Assist

Whether you are new to CQL, Graph/Gremlin, or Spark SQL or a seasoned veteran, Studio’s syntax validation and content assist ensures that you get the query right the first time and removes the extra hop of referencing external documentation when writing your queries.

DataStax Studio Syntax Validation and Content Assist

Tracing and Profiling

Often times a query may take longer to execute than expected. Through tracing and profiling visualizations, DataStax Studio lets you dig into the specifics of a request's execution to identify potential bottlenecks in the execution life cycle.

DataStax Tracing and Profiling

Visualize Graph Data

Graph is all about data relationships and DataStax Studio’s Graph View lets you explore and visualize those connections. The view can also be customized to size vertices and edges by customizable attributes, providing further insight into the characteristics of your graph.

Visualize Graph Data

Interact with Database Schema

DataStax Studio sports a schema viewer that allows you to dive into the database schema and view visual representations of your database objects.

DataStax Studio Interact with Database Schema

DataStax Developer Tools

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