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DataStax Java Driver for Apache Cassandra™ Quickstart

Learn how to insert, retrieve, and delete data with the DataStax Java Driver for Apache Cassandra™.


The Datastax Java Driver for Apache Cassandra™ is a modern, feature-rich and highly tunable Java client library for Apache Cassandra® (2.1+) and DataStax Enterprise (4.7+), and DataStax Astra, using exclusively Cassandra’s binary protocol and Cassandra Query Language (CQL) v3.

In this scenario, you will:

  • Connect to an Apache Cassandra™ instance with the DataStax Java driver
  • Use the driver to execute CQL statements against Apache Cassandra™ that do the following:
    • Create the a keyspace and table programmatically
    • Insert a user into a table
    • Select that user back out
    • Update the user's email
    • Delete the user from the table
  • Process CQL query results programmatically

Time to Complete