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Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

Learn to monitor Cassandra with Prometheus


As your Kubernetes cluster (and your Cassandra cluster) grows, you need to know how it is behaving. This is where Proemtheus and Grafana come in!

This scenario picks up where the scenario named Managing Cassandra Clusters in Kubernetes Using the Cass-Operator leaves off. If you have not yet worked through that scenario, you may want to check it out here.

In this scenario, we'll:

  • Set up a Cassandra cluster running on Kubernetes and install the example Pet Clinic app
  • Install and configure Prometheus to monitor Cassandra and Kubernetes
  • Install and configure Grafana to view metrics for Cassandra and Kubernetes
  • Configure Prometheus and Grafana to monitor our Pet Clinic app

Note: When using Kubernetes and Cassandra, it is important to recognize that we are working with two types of clusters:

  • Kubernetes clusters - a set of machines called Kubernetes nodes
  • Cassandra clusters - a set of those Kubernetes nodes that host and run the Cassandra software

You're going to love Prometheus and Grafana!

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