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Use Cases

Astra DB really shines when you need a fast, always on database without the operational overhead. It’s born of Apache Cassandra™, and joins a family of products that have powered everything from social networks to global banking platforms.

Below are a few of the use cases where Astra DB can be a huge win for your team.

Astra DB Use Cases


Cassandra allows the perfect combination of nearby and available data. Its peer-to-peer architecture means that your app stack can be closer to each customer allowing for superior responsiveness. Astra DB combines the resilience of Cassandra with that of Kubernetes. This means you need not fear the Chaos Monkey. Astra DB can respond to application requests even when things go wrong. With multi-region replication enabled even the loss of an entire region won’t bring you down.

This combination of fast and resilient means your data is always there and responsive for your customers.



All your systems rely on auth — they can’t afford to wait, and authentication outages often mean that everything requiring auth is down. Cassandra’s available and partition tolerant design is excellent at addressing these two must haves.

Internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT)

Whether you’re collecting kill stats in a game or data from sensors around the world, we have you covered. Astra DB has the power to support billions of devices from vehicles to weather to inventory items. IoT can be a high volume use case that cares a lot about availability. Astra DB shows its super powers here. Traditional relational databases require gatekeepers when new information is submitted, but Astra DB, which is underpinned by Cassandra, can absorb data concurrently with the whole cluster, unlocking the full write and read power of all its resources.


Finn.NO Moves to DataStax Astra DB for Apache Cassandra™ in the Cloud

Launched in 2000, is the leading classified advertising company in Norway, covering everything from retail products through to boats, houses and used cars, as well as services like loans, utilities and travel.


monthly website visits from customers looking to buy and sell goods and services across a wide range of categories


of interactions supported by’s personalization engine, such as sponsored product recommendations


operational overhead as uses Astra DB to run Cassandra in the cloud


“At a time when data limits are being tested, every business needs to be a digital business. That means your infrastructure needs to be solid. We already use Cassandra for the reliability and resilience to handle big workloads with zero downtime. The promise of Astra is a true Database-as-a-Service with no-ops. This will help developers work more efficiently so they can spend more time innovating.”

Dipack Chandan

Senior Engineering Manager, Venmo

ESL Gaming

“We’re excited with the ease of migration and the fact we won’t have to incur any downtime. Thanks to DataStax’s expertise in Cassandra, we will be able to easily migrate to Astra without inconveniencing our team or our customers.”

Ben Burns

Vice President of Technology, ESL Gaming


“Thanks to DataStax, we were able to easily move from one cloud provider to the next without inconveniencing our team or our customers. As a result, we have a future-proofed tech stack that will enable us to continue serving our users effectively as we continue to scale.”

Joo Lee

Chief Technology Officer, Endowus


“At Ankeri, we are in a unique position to deliver information on ship performance based on gathering data from multiple vessels and their applications in real time. Astra serverless provides that simple, scalable platform for us to build on, supporting real-time data from thousands of ships, and providing trusted data to both ship owners and operators for them to understand their performance. With fuel costs making up more than 50 percent of operational expenses for ship operators, making better decisions can massively improve their profitability and increase energy efficiency.”

Kristinn Aspelund

Chief Executive Officer, Ankeri

Liquid Analytics

“DataStax Astra is faster than our previous system, and we’ve come to really love it. By leveraging the migration tool, we successfully migrated live data to Astra, without any hiccups. Astra makes it much easier for us to develop highly scalable cloud-native applications using Cassandra.”

Vish Canaran

Data Science Officer, Liquid Analytics

Astra DB

Multi-cloud DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra™