Astra DB for E-commerce

E-commerce is now at the heart of many businesses invested in enriching the customer experience. Industries include Retail, Finance, Travel, and Media & Entertainment. E-commerce and customer experience investments are driven by customer demand.


Why Astra DB for E-commerce?

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Scale without Compromise

Easily accommodate hundreds of thousands of queries with low read/write latencies for browsing product catalogs and managing shopping carts with Astra DB. Allow product catalog and shopping cart experiences to scale to a large number of customers without compromising customer satisfaction. Enable your customers to browse for more products quickly and have a delightful e-commerce buying experience with Astra DB.

Access Data with Multi-model Flexibility

Harness data with Astra DB's multi-model flexibility. Product catalogs and shopping carts need to manage a variety of products, with a variety of attributes (since specifications & descriptions change depending on type of products). This data can easily be managed with Astra DB's multi-model flexibility. Astra DB supports Document (JSON), REST, GraphQL and gRPC APIs to represent your product categories as needed for an optimum shopping experience.

Data Pipelines for Real-time Catalog and Cart Updates

Create real-time data pipelines for analytics with CDC (Change Data Capture) for Astra DB, powered by Astra Streaming. Send data from Astra DB immediately to distributed search engines, machine learning (ML) models and data warehouses (DWH) for near real-time search and analytics, recommendations and actions. Improve e-commerce customer experience with real-time updates to product availability, dynamic pricing and shipping status powered by insights from these data pipelines.

Choose any Cloud

Span across multiple data centers or cloud regions and deploy in AWS, GCP and Azure, while maintaining compatibility with open-source Cassandra with Astra DB. Expand to geographies and scale your e-commerce businesses with Astra DB's multi-cloud flexibility. Increase TCO savings by reducing overhead of installation and maintenance with Astra DB.

Architecture for E-Commerce Applications

Astra DB can connect data from product catalogs and shopping carts with customers, for a rich e-commerce experience. CDC and Astra streaming can easily create real-time data pipelines between Astra DB and distributed search engines (like ElasticSearch) and data warehouses (like Snowflake and others). These integrations enable real-time search and analytics on product catalogs and shopping carts (examples include real-time inventory updates and dynamic pricing).

Architecture for E-Commerce Applications

Astra DB Example Data Model & Queries for E-Commerce

DataStax recommends the following data model for an e-commerce application to store shopping cart data with items, prices and quantities. The various queries that can be performed on the shopping cart include adding/removing items, changing quantities, querying for the active shopping cart, and saved carts.

For more information on the shopping cart data model, please see our data modeling library.

Astra DB Example Data Model & Queries for E-Commerce

Industry & Customer Success, a leading classified advertising company in Norway, implemented Astra DB and worked with DataStax on supporting the performance and availability levels of their personalization engine. This helped the company's Data Intelligence team deliver the speed of recommendations that the team required. Additionally, implementing Astra DB also helped more organizations within the Schibsted Group ('s parent company) to make use of personalization and data science in their day-to-day activities.

Read how uses Astra DB to power their classified ads is an artificial intelligence-driven recommendation app for Shopify webshops. While was building out its artificial intelligence-driven Shopify app, it found key specialized operations he needed were only available on DataStax Astra DB.

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