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Announcing DataStax Constellation with Billy Bosworth

At DataStax Accelerate 2019 a brand new cloud offering was announced called DataStax Constellation—a cloud data platform that will simplify the development and operation of modern applications. Tune in to this podcast as Billy Bosworth, CEO of DataStax, introduces the first two cloud services of DataStax Constellation: DataStax Apache Cassandra™ as a Service and DataStax Insights. Sign up here to be notified of the latest product news.

DataStax Apache Cassandra™ as a Service—DataStax Constellation’s first product offering

The first available service of DataStax Constellation is DataStax Apache Cassandra as a Service, a net-new DataStax product. On this episode, Matt Kennedy, Sr. Director of Product Management at DataStax, will cover all things related to Cassandra as a Service, which goes far beyond hosted Apache Cassandra and provides users with a frictionless, cloud-native experience with the resiliency and reliability that customers expect from DataStax. Want to get your hands on an early release of DataStax Apache Cassandra as a Service? Visit us here.

DataStax Insights—DataStax Constellation’s second product offering

DataStax Insights is a next-generation performance management and monitoring tool for DataStax Constellation and DataStax Enterprise (DSE). On this episode, Mani Srinivasan, Sr. Product Director of Management and Development Solutions at DataStax, will go over how DataStax Insights will help optimize on-premises and cloud deployments with intelligence that will allow novices to tune their clusters like seasoned professionals. Want to learn more about DataStax Constellation and its product offerings? Visit us here.

Customer Case Study – MobilePay

A mobile payment application developed by Danske Bank, MobilePay is the leading payments application in Denmark with over four million registered users. Tune in to this podcast as DataStax’s Customer References Manager, Katie Beck, talks about how DataStax was the key ingredient to MobilePay’s huge success. To read the full case study, visit us here.

DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra Now Available on Azure Marketplace

DataStax, the leading provider of the only active everywhere hybrid cloud database built on Apache Cassandra™, announced that DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Azure. Take advantage of a simpler, more cost-effective way to build and scale applications on Azure with DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra. Listen to this podcast to learn more!

Google Cloud Platform and DataStax News!

Google Cloud Next '19, Google Cloud Platform's biggest event of the year, kicked off with some awesome news for the open source community, and DataStax Enterprise was front and center. DataStax has been selected as one of Google Cloud’s first “Database as a Service” (DBaaS) offerings as part of their OSS Managed Partner Services Initiative. What is it? And what does it mean for developers looking to accelerate their hybrid and multi-cloud deployments? Listen to this podcast to find out more!

Get More Out Of DataStax Enterprise by Upgrading to Intel®!

It’s no secret that DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is double the performance of open source Apache Cassandra™. Is it even possible to push the performance of DSE further? Answer: YES. With some new Intel hardware offerings, DSE performance has far exceeded expectations. Listen to this podcast to learn more and check out the benchmark test findings in this blog post.

Exciting News about DataStax Accelerate!

DataStax is hosting DataStax Accelerate, the world's premier Apache Cassandra™ user conference, on May 21-23 at the Gaylord National Resort in Maryland. We have a packed agenda for all levels of attendees. On this podcast, we answer many of your frequently asked questions, such as: Is this conference right for me? What type of hands-on activities will there be? What sessions will be available? And more! Stay tuned until the very end to find out how you can score a nice little gift just for being a loyal listener!

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The Stax Awards – Nominations Are Now Open

At this year's DataStax Accelerate conference, winners of the inaugural Stax Awards (a.k.a. Staxies) will be crowned! On this podcast, find out more about this amazing honor and learn how your enterprise can throw their hat into the ring for the coveted award. Also, if you’re thinking about attending Accelerate in May, we have something special for our loyal listeners. Tune in to find out how you can score an awesome discount on your registration!

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Big Data Paris 2019 Recap

Join us on this podcast as we speak with DataStaxer: Xavier Guerin, VP of EMEA South, to get the download on the latest buzz and trends coming out of Big Data Paris 2019. For our listeners who are thinking about attending our DataStax Accelerate conference in May this year, we have something special just for you – stay tuned until the end of the podcast!

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2019 Database Predictions and Trends With Patrick McFadin

With 2018 coming to a close, we are excited to see what 2019 has in store for the database world. Join us on this podcast as Patrick McFadin, VP of Developer Relations at DataStax, gives us his take on the future of databases, microservices/containers, AI and machine learning, and more!

New Product Offering: DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra

DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra (DDAC) is a brand new subscription offering designed for running a certified version of open source Apache Cassandra for development and production use cases that do not have the higher enterprise demands better served by DataStax Enterprise. In this podcast, you'll learn more about DDAC's key value propositions, who will benefit from it, and what DataStax is doing to help developers of the Apache Cassandra community grow and thrive in their careers.

Introducing DataStax Enterprise 6.7 with Amit Chaudhry

DataStax Enterprise 6.7 delivers the leading distribution of Apache Cassandra with multi-workload support for operational analytics, geospatial search, increased data protection in the cloud, better performance insights, Docker production support, and connectivity to Apache Kafka™. Listen to this podcast to learn more!

Powering Big Data Environments - A DataStax and VMWare Collaboration

DataStax and VMWare have announced a brand new collaboration at VMWorld Barcelona, November 5-8. Listen to this podcast to find out how DataStax and VMWare delivers a seamless experience to their customers running DataStax Enterprise and VMWare vSAN. Read the full press release here.

Active Everywhere Built For Hybrid Cloud | DataStax Enterprise

Relational database management systems (RDBMS) have served many enterprises for over 4 decades. Times are certainly changing and the way data is accessed and collected is experiencing exponential growth. In this podcast, Amit Chaudhry, VP of Product Marketing at DataStax, talks about the importance for having an Active Everywhere database architecture that only DataStax Enterprise can deliver.

Insights From The 'Me' Culture Survey Conducted by DataStax And The Harris Poll

Would you put down more money for a personalized experience? How about if you wanted to reduce wait times? Tune-in to find out answers to these questions and more from an international survey conducted by DataStax and the Harris Poll.

What Is Graph Technology And Why Should Enterprises Care?

As Global Graph Practice Lead at DataStax, Dr. Denise Gosnell sits down with Eric Brown, VP of Corporate Marketing & Communications at DataStax, to answer the age-old question: What is graph technology? Dr. Gosnell also covers DSE Graph, an add-on to DataStax Enterprise, and explains what enterprises should know about graph technology and how to get started with it. Tune in to learn more!

Why Your Enterprise Needs a Cloud Strategy

David Waugh, SVP of Market Development at DataStax talks about Hybrid-Cloud Strategy and uncovers the truth about hybrid-cloud deployments and hybrid databases — aren’t they synonymous? Find out in this podcast!

How are DataStax Customers Winning in Financial Services, Omnichannel, and Hybrid Cloud?

Sarah Burr, Customer Marketing Manager at DataStax, joins us in the studio to talk about how DataStax customers are leveraging the industry's only always-on, hybrid-cloud database management service to stay ahead of their competitors and help their businesses thrive.

What's New in DataStax Enterprise 6 and Who Are Some of It's Customers?

Hear from Robin Schumacher, SVP and Chief Product Officer at DataStax, about the biggest product release of DataStax Enterprise 6, the largest brands that employ DataStax Enterprise, and why it's better than open source Apache Cassandra. Spoiler alert: It's that good!

What is Hybrid Cloud? Is It Just Hype?

14 min. podcast: Get the full breakdown on the popular question that's on many enterprises' mind: What is Hybrid-Cloud? Is it just hype or does every enterprise need to implement a hybrid/multi-cloud strategy to keep up in today's fast paced digital era? Learn about how Macy's and eBay leverages a hybrid-cloud model to stay competitive and lead in the retail world.

Patrick McFadin and Jonathan Ellis on Apache Cassandra's 10 Year Anniversary

30 min. podcast: DataStax Head of Developer Relations Patrick McFadin and DataStax co-founder Jonathan Ellis talk Cassandra’s beginnings, how DataStax grew out of it, and not hating on Python.

Origins of Apache Cassandra with Jonathan Ellis and Avinash Lakshman

21 min. podcast: Apache Cassandra co-creator Avinash Lakshman and DataStax co-founder Jonathan Ellis ponder Apache Cassandra's start at Facebook, one fortuitous smoke break, and the improbability of having never met face to face.

Fraud Prevention and Trends Banks and Financial Institutions Should Be Aware Of Today | DataStax

19 min. podcast: Martin James, Regional VP of Northern Europe at DataStax, discusses data management trends in the banking and financial services sector and talks about how BFSI players like NYSE and Macquarie Bank have used DataStax to succeed.

Creating a Distributed Workforce with Billy Bosworth CEO of DataStax DataStax

15 min. podcast: DataStax CEO Billy Bosworth talks about the power of a growth mindset for building a successful distributed workforce and provides key tips on how your enterprise can do the same.

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