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Browse reports about the database market from leading industry analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester and 451 Research. Learn about the latest trends in cloud environments, emerging use cases and key technical attributes for database management systems.

DataStax Enterprise an InfoWorld Technology of the Year 2019

InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year is one of the tech industry’s most storied and reputable awards. That’s why we're so proud and excited to announce that DataStax Enterprise has been named a 2019 InfoWorld Technology of the Year, chosen for its ability to “run massively scalable global data infrastructure” with a masterless design.

Bloor Report Highlights Two Key DataStax Differentiators: Multi-Model and Masterless

This report focuses on DataStax's approach to what Bloor calls "hybrid real-time data processing", going into detail on the multi-model capabilities and masterless architecture differentiations of DataStax Enterprise (DSE), and describing how DSE's specials features set it apart from standalone Apache Cassandra™ and make it a must-have for any enterprise seeking to build easily scalable modern applications.

Pulse Report - Approaches to Strategic Data Management

What’s your biggest concern around data management in a hybrid cloud environment? Is it the same as your peers’ concerns at other enterprises around the globe? Now you can find out exactly how you stack up with others in your field in this Gatepoint Research Pulse Report - Approaches to Strategic Data Management.

Bloor Research Details DataStax Graph Database Solution

DSE Graph, recently named a "Champion" in the 2019 Bloor Graph Database Market Update, "...provides a complete and effective means of addressing graph problems, regardless of whether they are transactional or analytical in nature," according to this companion Bloor InBrief Report that focuses on DSE Graph.

DataStax Reconnects With Apache Cassandra Community

Analyst firm Ovum reports on DataStax's commitment to Apache Cassandra and two recent offerings: the DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise 6.7, which respectively provide enterprises with support on the core attributes of Cassandra and the advanced functionality of DataStax’s commercial enterprise database platform.

InfoWorld Article: Apache Cassandra Made Faster & Easier

In this InfoWorld Insider article, editor Martin Heller, reviews Apache Cassandra—providing insights into why it is becoming one of the most popular databases around. In addition, he delves into DataStax Enterprise (DSE), an enterprise version of Cassandra, the additional features and capabilities that differentiate it from the open source project, and when it’s time to consider up leveling from Cassandra.

EMA Report - Simplicity and Scale: DataStax Announces DataStax Enterprise 6

Today’s enterprises are focusing on data-driven initiatives for data-driven customers, suppliers, and partners. In this report, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) delves into how the real-time capabilities and high performance of DataStax Enterprise 6 can encourage customer-focused service, drive operational simplicity, allow easy scalability, accelerate time to market, and give enterprises the luxury of quickly adapting to key market changes.

451 Research Report on DSE 6

451 Research has profiled the latest version of DataStax Enterprise, DSE 6, putting our latest and biggest product release into the context of our own history and that of our competitors. Read this report to get the whole story.

ESG Report: How to Power the Right-Now Economy

Diversifying data sets, growing user bases, and ever-increasing data volumes are making data management challenging for today’s average enterprise. Read this report by Enterprise Strategy Group on the specific characteristics enterprises need to be looking for in their data management platform if they want to meet the demands of the Right-Now Economy.

DataStax Enterprise 6 extends Apache Cassandra

This report by Ovum explains how DataStax Enterprise 6 adds essential value over open source Apache Cassandra via enterprise-grade capabilities and the tight integration of search, analytics, and graph for a cohesive and comprehensive solution made for the Right-Now Enterprise.

Enabling Data Autonomy for a Real-Time Enterprise

Modern-day enterprises need flexibility and adaptability at the data layer, and this means having data autonomy. But what’s the full description of “data autonomy” and what do you need to do to achieve it? This report by Enterprise Strategy Group, a leader in global IT market intelligence, delves into the relationship between data autonomy and modern organizations’ need to become more agile, scalable, and resilient while retaining complete control of their data.

Forrester Vendor Landscape: Graph Databases

Whether it’s for instant customer analytics, fraud detection, or risk assessment, you need highly connected, actionable, real-time data. Read this Forrester report to learn why creating powerful connections with significant amounts of heterogeneous data requires a graph approach, and how the graph database vendor landscape is changing.

DataStax Customer Experience Benchmark Report

Companies across industries are having a tough time getting their customer experience engines running. Read this DataStax benchmark report for an overview of the issues they’re dealing with and the key technology concerns around crafting top-notch customer experience initiatives.

451 Research – DataStax Expands Focus on Enterprise Offering

DataStax has always been a major contributor to Apache Cassandra, but, while the company plans to keep contributing to the open source community, it is focusing its efforts on customers and DataStax Enterprise. Read this report to learn 451’s take on our new strategy, how it may affect the NoSQL landscape, and what it means for our customers.