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Cassandra 4.0 is here: Why you should upgrade today


Cassandra 4.0 is here!  Apache Cassandra™ 4.0 delivers huge improvements in stability and performance, and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for existing and new installations. Cassandra 4.0 represents the efforts of unprecedented cross-industry collaboration, from the planet’s largest Cassandra users and engineers. As a vote of confidence, even before general availability, those same users were already using Cassandra 4.0 in production, powering the internet’s largest apps. 

In this session, Patrick McFadin (VP, Developer Relations at DataStax) will first dive into the 4.0 release. The feature list is long, but it makes 4.0 the biggest, fastest, and most stable database ever especially if you’re going to the cloud. Then we’ll get into the best part. Planning and executing a successful upgrade! Learn about best practices to ensure a successful upgrade and the steps to get you there. Things you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • Details about enterprise-grade security & observability with real-time audit logging and traffic replay
  • How to gain 25% faster throughput on denser nodes
  • The critical steps for a successful upgrade
  • How tail latency is now up to 7x lower with the new garbage collectors


Patrick McFadin

Patrick McFadin

Developer Relations at DataStax

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