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Cloud-Native Data: The Foundation of Modern Business

Limitless computing has arrived. Fueled by the scalability of cloud -- and notably, Google's open-source Kubernetes -- computational power can now scale seamlessly to tackle just about any business challenge imaginable. The timing is serendipitous, as organizations worldwide find themselves navigating increasingly turbulent market conditions. The big question now? How to handle the data!

Organizations building next-gen apps with Kubernetes have learned to exploit the true power of limitless computing. View the on-demand episode of The Briefing Room to hear Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh explain why today's world demands a decidedly cloud-native approach to data. He'll be joined by Patrick McFadin of Datastax, who will detail how the Cassandra database powers the largest applications on the internet with a masterless architecture that enables zero downtime on a global scale.

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Patrick McFadin

Developer Relationsat DataStax