The Secret Weapon for a Data-Driven Enterprise

On-Demand Webinar

Data-driven enterprises have a secret weapon. They ask the right questions to think bigger while building alignment to move faster. They inject data science deeply into their culture enabling better, faster, more rigorous decision-making.

How? Watch this on-demand discussion with two of the world’s top experts in data economics and digital business.

Professors Marshall Van Alstyne and Geoffrey Parker are winners of the Thinkers50 2019 Digital Thinking Award and will be joined by DataStax Strategy VP Bryan Kirschner to discuss:

  • What is a data-driven enterprise? Why is this especially relevant today?
  • How do leaders create value and competitive advantage using data?
  • How can you articulate the benefits of a data-driven enterprise strategy?
  • What is the road map to get started? 
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The Secret Weapon for a Data-Driven Enterprise